Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to volunteer your time in the Breastfeeding Cafe?  We would love to include you!  To pitch in this year or add your name to next year’s list, please contact Renee Yeoman, our 2013 Volunteer Coordinator, at:


Would you like to offer a workshop or event for an upcoming Breastfeeding Cafe?  We would love to add a topic or activity of interest to expectant couples and nursing families.  We also welcome events that inform and educate the nursing mother’s community, from neighbors to employers.  To offer an event, or explore an opportunity, please contact Amanda Nederostek, our 2013 Events Coordinator, at:


The international theme for World Breastfeeding Week changes annually and is translated locally for our month-long Breastfeeding Cafe.  World Breastfeeding Week is an activity of the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA).  Check out the WABA website to learn more about past and upcoming themes for World Breastfeeding Week.


Thank you for your interest in the Breastfeeding Cafe!

Timbra Wiist, 2013 Chair

n_aThe Breastfeeding Cafe is an annual project of the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition and many local partners.  We invite you to join us and contribute your voice and vision!

One response to “Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Temma Martin

    Hello. I may be interested in volunteering if you’re still in need of people. I’m definitely interested in the babywearing fashion show and I know a few other mamas from our BWing group who may be too. Please let me know if we could be involved.



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