These local businesses are posting the International Breastfeeding Symbol to show their support for nursing mothers and their families.  Feel free to drop by and let them know how much we all appreciate having a baby friendly community!



Children’s Club in Sugarhouse


Ekamai Thai Curry



Our Store - Your Thrift Alternative

The Pregnancy Resouce Center

Utah Co-Op


5 responses to “COMMUNITY

  1. mknighton

    Hi Holly~ You are welcome to become a part of our Baby Friendly Community. All you would need to do is post the international breastfeeding symbol, which we would provide, at your place of business and then give us a jpeg of your logo, so we can post you on our Baby Friendly Community page and wall (in the cafe). Let me know and I can bring you one of our symbols. Thanks! Melissa

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  3. timbra

    a couple of new baby friendly businesses, Salt Lake Prenatal Massage and Synergy Dental

  4. Rosa

    Wow, all I have to say is: This is an amazing support group!! I work for health at DDI VANTAGE, Early Head Start. We have been thinking of creating a support group for our breastfeeding moms and pregnant women in order to increase breastfeeding awareness in our program. Would it be possible for us to attend one these cafe meetings to get a general idea of how the environment is, resources, etc.? Where can I obtain the international breastfeeding symbol and whom do I send it to?
    Thank you,


    • timbra

      It’s been six months since you left this message, please email me directly (2013 Cafe chairwoman) so we can chat about how to get you a sticker and, since you may have missed last year’s Cafe, we want to give you some information well ahead of time for this year’s Cafe. ~Timbra

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