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Welcome To This Years Cafe!

Welcome to this year’s Cafe “Mothers See! Mothers Do! In public, in pictures and online too!” We have a focus on all forms of communication and crossing various barriers to breastfeeding this year.

It’s FINALLY here. . .the start of the 2011 Breastfeeding Cafe. We’ve already been in full swing with some amazing events. Latch On America was July 22nd and what a great jump start to this year’s World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations! Last Wednesday we had our 6th Annual Breastfeeding Cafe Kick-off Event as well. All this leading up to our 6th Annual Breastfeeding Cafe running August 1-14.

The Cafe is fabulous each year, offering different outreach efforts to the community, providing opportunities for professionals to share information and knowledge with breastfeeding moms, fun classes, crafts, and more. This year we have some awesome events going on to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week in conjunction with the Cafe.

Are you a new mom? Join our “New Moms’ Circle” this morning at 10am to talk about all things “new” and “baby” in your life. Gain support, insight and information from other moms dealing with similar “newness.”

In the afternoon Heidi will be offering a class on signing with your little people. . . be sure to take advantage of such great FREE resources this week!

We’re excited to be offering Spanish-speaking breastfeeding peer counselors this year, and hope that if you know anyone who could benefit from these times, you’ll send them to the Cafe. Be sure to “like” Breastfeeding Cafe SLC on facebook so you can get all of the up to date information on events and happenings during the Breastfeeding Cafe this year. Who knows? We might add in a fabulous class or two!!! You wouldn’t want to be the last to know.

I hope your calendar is marked for 10am THIS Saturday. . .join in a world record event, The Big Latch On. Registration begins at 10am on the NE lawn of library square (400s 300e). Don’t show up later than 10:29!!!!

All questions during the Cafe can be directed to lllofmurray@gmail.com

What a great start to World Breastfeeding Week
Your 2011 Cafe Chairwoman

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