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Thank You For Your Support – August 1st 2012


I would like to highlight the volunteers that make  the  operations  of the breastfeeding café possible without you there  would  not be  a café. Your dedication and  willingness to give some of your time to reinforce  that breastfeeding is the best  for babies  mothers  and a the whole family. Thank you for your support.

Highlight activities for the café:  Natasha Boss presenting the basics of kefir from 10-11 am WIC breastfeeding peer counselor Tasha Wood from 2-5pm.

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Thankful Thursday

You missed a GREAT “after hours two-fer” last night. Excellent information on Kefir making and Essential Oils, from Natasha Boss and Rebecca Overson.La Leche League of Salt Lake will be holding their monthly series meeting at 10am in the library today. And be sure to stop in for our “Talk with a Midwife,” with Rebecca Williams of Great Expectations Birth Care, at 3pm.

I’d like to take opportunity today to say thank you to all of my Committee Members & Event Coordinators for the 2011 “Cafe Season”:

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes action that goes on before the Cafe begins and while it runs in the SHARE space. So many fabulous ladies have volunteered their time, especially many Friday afternoons, to create this year’s theme and organize everything that brings the Cafe together.

I’ve wanted to give credit along the way as events come and go, but there’s been so much great stuff to share, it’s been hard to find a day to do it. Please thank these ladies for another wonderful year of the Breastfeeding Cafe, if you get a chance (volunteer reception on August 19 is a fine place to do it).

If you’re volunteering this year it’s only because Renee Yeoman is our fabulous volunteer coordinator. And she’s not the only one putting in hard work. Volunteers, are you LOVING your free parking? Thank Jeana Jones who coordinated EVERYTHING with the library, in fact, if it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t have the SHARE space at all! Speaking of the SHARE space, Renee and myself were on “design” this year, Claire also got the word out on getting individuals to send in their favorite nursing photos.

A couple of lovely ladies created all of our posters and fliers. If you heard about our Cafe through media sources in our community or saw a poster somewhere, that’s because Julia Moench sent out a billion press release notices and created our wonderful orange posters. And if you saw a flier on a bulletin board around town, in your favorite grocery store, local library or somewhere else in your neighborhood, or you were given an invitation to one of our events going on during the Cafe, thank Natasha Boss who created TONS of fliers and invitations for our various events.

Are you leading or attending a class this year? You’ll want to thank Amanda Nederostek, who coordinated all of our education for the Cafe. Did you take part in the blog carnival? Then, be sure to thank Claire Lindstrom who was, for the second year running, Carnival Mistress. And if you’re reading this. . . Thank Tricia Lewandowski who is keeping up the website for our Silent Auction and daily posts!

I’m sure to forget someone. Kathy Grossman donated her gorgeous painting again this year, to raise money for the Cafe, go ahead. . .BID ON IT! Thank you to the Department of Health for all of the printing, and specifically Cara Munson who was something of our “printing liaison” this year through the DoH. This saved our budget TONS in printing costs and allowed us to spend on other things. Kathy Pope was also our “resource” lady, helping us get all of the resources from the Department of Health to the SHARE space.

Donation of chairs: Renee Yeoman and Melissa Knighton. Melissa also helped make sure that our resources were in order in the Cafe, specifically our La leche League tear-off sheets.
Latch On America: Judy Harris, Karin Hardman, Cara Munson, Timbra Wiist
Big Latch On: Jeana Jones
Flash Mob: Claire Lindstrom, Timbra Wiist
After Hours: Heidi Lewis
Translator and coordinator for WIC peer counselors: Gina Toledo
Utah Breastfeeding Coalition President: Karin Hardman
And a huge thank you to Volunteers, Event speakers and Presenters, and anyone else who has been part of the World Breastfeeding Week and Breastfeeding Cafe events, activities and celebrations.

Without the help of EVERYONE (yes, that includes 45 volunteers and 13 or more presenters), the Cafe’s presence in the community could not happen. Thank you for the different ways you support breastfeeding mothers, ALL mothers and the efforts of the Cafe.

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