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Welcome To This Years Cafe!

Welcome to this year’s Cafe “Mothers See! Mothers Do! In public, in pictures and online too!” We have a focus on all forms of communication and crossing various barriers to breastfeeding this year.

It’s FINALLY here. . .the start of the 2011 Breastfeeding Cafe. We’ve already been in full swing with some amazing events. Latch On America was July 22nd and what a great jump start to this year’s World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations! Last Wednesday we had our 6th Annual Breastfeeding Cafe Kick-off Event as well. All this leading up to our 6th Annual Breastfeeding Cafe running August 1-14.

The Cafe is fabulous each year, offering different outreach efforts to the community, providing opportunities for professionals to share information and knowledge with breastfeeding moms, fun classes, crafts, and more. This year we have some awesome events going on to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week in conjunction with the Cafe.

Are you a new mom? Join our “New Moms’ Circle” this morning at 10am to talk about all things “new” and “baby” in your life. Gain support, insight and information from other moms dealing with similar “newness.”

In the afternoon Heidi will be offering a class on signing with your little people. . . be sure to take advantage of such great FREE resources this week!

We’re excited to be offering Spanish-speaking breastfeeding peer counselors this year, and hope that if you know anyone who could benefit from these times, you’ll send them to the Cafe. Be sure to “like” Breastfeeding Cafe SLC on facebook so you can get all of the up to date information on events and happenings during the Breastfeeding Cafe this year. Who knows? We might add in a fabulous class or two!!! You wouldn’t want to be the last to know.

I hope your calendar is marked for 10am THIS Saturday. . .join in a world record event, The Big Latch On. Registration begins at 10am on the NE lawn of library square (400s 300e). Don’t show up later than 10:29!!!!

All questions during the Cafe can be directed to lllofmurray@gmail.com

What a great start to World Breastfeeding Week
Your 2011 Cafe Chairwoman

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Latch on America: Utah

On June 30th we were given word that Latch On America had chosen Salt Lake City as one of their 35 stops across the US. Initially there were to be 20 stops, but there was so much interest, that several stops were added to the 40 day tour!

Friday July 1st we had a phone conference, local UT ladies from the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition, WIC/Dept of Health and La Leche League, along with Ryan, yeah, Ryan. . . Ryan, the 27 year old childless, single guy who asked his truck driver dad to take 40 days with him and drive a FORTY FOOT PINK BUS across the US to unite breastfeeding resources and families across the US! Yeah, that Ryan! I’m looking forward to meeting him in person, though I highly doubt that we’ll have much time to shoot the breeze about his project, but I want to meet a guy in his 20s who decides on such a project!

After the phone meeting, we got excited and we got busy. As the chairwoman of the Cafe, I thought, why not?! Sure, I’ll take on event coordinating for this new event IN BETWEEN now and the Cafe itself. It’s sort of like a kick-off to our kick-off to our Cafe.

So what’s going on with Latch On America? At each location the pink bus will stop and stay for a 3 hour event, they will provide a booth with information on their project, a documentary team that will post blog and documentary video 4 times during the day (there will be interviews and such going on throughout the day aside from the “event” portion of things) and they will provide easels with paper and thought provoking questions for the community about breastfeeding support in their area. Every event is unique and different, for instance, in San Diego, it looks like Milk For Thought will just have a booth (and a giant pink bus) at an existing event. So what will Utah do? Utah will be creating an entirely NEW event, around the Pink Bus. It would have been fabulous if they’d had the schedule flexibility to be here DURING our annual Cafe, however, they don’t. But now we can use THIS event to showcase our upcoming Cafe.

Latch On America: Utah has decided to call on our Baby Friendly Community businesses, which can be found here (there are some who are not listed here). We’re offering a free family event, asking Baby Friendly community businesses if they’d like to display their businesses for FREE as well. We have had a great response from these businesses. There will be samples, games and drawings by the businesses. There will be music, movement and art class demos. Bobber the Clown will be twisting balloons, a local art instructor will be offering an art demo class followed by face painting. We have two acoustic performers coming to play an hour each. A photographer will be offering free nursing portraits. And at the heart of it all, a “Living Breastfeeding Resource Guide” bringing together information on how different types of birth choices effect breastfeeding, Lactation consultants, La Leche League, WIC, information on the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition and our annual Breastfeeding Cafe, representation for the Milk donation center and Baby Friendly initiative information.

The event is free. Donations will be accepted by the artists offering services. You might want to bring your own picnic dinner and hang out on the lawn. Some businesses may offer samples, but no food will be for sale at our event. It’s going to be worth your time to come down and enjoy a July evening with friends, family and tons of free fun. Share the information and join us!!!

Timbra Wiist

Cafe Chair

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Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival 2011

The second annual Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival is starting in just 9 days. Can you believe it?

The Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival works like any other blog carnival. There is a specific topic on a specific day that everyone posts on. Then we all link to each other’s blogs so people can read lots of posts on the same subject. The twist with the Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival is that we do this every day for 2 weeks. Don’t worry, you don’t have to participate every day, just as many as you’d like to. Though there are some over-achievers out there that post every day for two weeks.

If you don’t have a blog (or don’t feel comfortable posting on your own blog), you can still participate! We are still looking for guest bloggers for the Breastfeeding Cafe’s blog. Just let me know as soon as possible. Topics are first come first serve! Spots are filling fast, but we still have plenty left. We will not need guest bloggers for the Wordless Wednesdays posts.

This year the Breastfeeding Cafe’s theme is Mothers See! Mothers Do! In public, in pictures, and online too! The topics for the carnival are attempting to stick along this theme. Thanks to all of you who contributed topic ideas! Here is our list of topics:

Monday, July 18—Mothers Before Me: How were you influenced by the mothers before you when it comes to breastfeeding? Did you witness breastfeeding as a child? Was breastfeeding considered taboo in your family? How did this influence your choice to breastfeed?

Tuesday, July 19—Eco-Breastfeeding: The environment is a hot topic at the moment. Was the environment something you considered when you decided to breastfeed? Does the environment come into consideration for other parenting choices you’ve made?

Wednesday, July 20—Wordless Wednesday-Breastfeeding Photos: Show us your breastfeeding photos! Maybe just your favorite or maybe every photo you have, up to you!

Thursday, July 21—Language and Breastfeeding: Most people don’t realize how their language can influence our ideas of breastfeeding. Do you feel this is an issue in our society? If so, how can we change our language to rid our community of the bias against breastfeeding? How do you feel breastfeeding is portrayed by the language in our media?

Friday, July 22—Nursing in Public: What are your views on breastfeeding in public? How do you feel a mother breastfeeding in public influences others in public? Do you feel breastfeeding in public helps to normalize breastfeeding?

Saturday, July 23—Birth Experience: How did your birth experience affect your decision to breastfeed? Did the people present at your child’s birth truly support breastfeeding? Did you get off to a good start or did you have to fight to figure things out? Did you receive good information on breastfeeding from your birth attendants?

Sunday, July 24—Online Breastfeeding: This is the internet age. Many of us log on more than we’d care to admit, but in the case of a new mother that can possibly be a good thing. How did the internet influence your breastfeeding? Did you participate in online forums, Facebook, Twitter, or any other kind of online community? Did this influence your parenting choices? Did these influences help or hinder your efforts?

Monday, July 25—First Nursing in Public Experience: This could be anything from the first time you witnessed a mother breastfeeding in public to the first time you did it yourself. How did you feel about it then? How do you feel about it now?

Tuesday, July 26—Breastfeeding and Multiples: No we’re not just talking about twins, triplets, etc. Any way that you breastfeed with multiple children. Maybe you’ve breastfed while trying to conceive, maybe you’ve breastfed while pregnant, maybe you’ve tandem nursed, maybe you’ve just breastfeed a younger child while chasing the older one. How does breastfeeding help you parent? What are the challenges?

Wednesday, July 27—Wordless Wednesday-Babywearing Photos: Let’s see your favorite babywearing photos! This year at the cafe we will be having a special top-secret babywearing flash mob! There’s still time to participate, so let me know if you’re interested!

Thursday, July 28—Importance of Breastfeeding: Why is breastfeeding personally important to you? Who helped you to first see why breastfeeding would be such a benefit? You know what they say–there’s nothing like word of mouth.

Friday, July 29—Reliable Online Breastfeeding Sources: We all know that it is a mutual blessing and curse that anyone can post on the internet, so what do you do to shield yourself and others from the ones who are wrong? How do you find a good breastfeeding resource online? How do you help other new moms to find good sources of information?

Saturday, July 30—Book Review: Books are a large influence on how we parent and can bring new ideas into light (or help us to shun old ones). Maybe it’s your absolute favorite breastfeeding/parenting book or one you recently read. Maybe it’s one that helped you through the hard times or maybe it’s just advice on what kind of breastfeeding/parenting books to read. Let’s talk about books!

Sunday, July 31—How You Influence Others: What do you think is the most important thing that you do to influence pregnant and new moms to breastfeed? Do you have a story of a mom who you feel you’ve really helped?

Email me at clindstrom2 {at} gmail {dot} com and I’ll add you to the email list. I will be sending out a reminder email one week before each topic is supposed to be posted. Posts will need to be up before 12:00pm (noon) Mountain Standard Time on the day specified. Please email me a link to your post as soon as possible (preferably before the day it will be posted) and I will make a list of links (in HTML) that everyone will put on the bottom of their posts. We will also have a blurb about the carnival for you to put at the top of your post (also in HTML). Please make sure that you add the code at the top and bottom of your post so that others can see that you are participating in our carnival and when you receive updates, update them as soon as possible!

Blog Carnival Mistress


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Call for Breastfeeding Photos

Hello All!

This year we’re hoping to fill our two big glass walls in the front of the Cafe with photos of moms breastfeeding!

If you’d like your photo(s) to be on the wall, here’s how it works. You’ll send your favorite breastfeeding photo (or favorite per child) to clindstrom2 {at} gmail {dot} com by July 17th along with a release that says it’s okay for us to post it in the Cafe.

Just print off the form at the bottom of this post and sign it, then either take a picture or scan it and send it back along with your photo. If you took the photo or have the rights, all you need to do is sign the release yourself in the first section. If you don’t have the rights to the photo, you will also need the photographer that has the rights to sign the release in the bottom section.

Then tada! You’re featured in the Breastfeeding Cafe and doing one more thing to normalize breastfeeding.

Fill in the information below (please print clearly) photograph or scan and return as attachment:

Name:  _______________________________________________ Phone Number: _____________________________

Home Address: _____________________________________City: ________________________Zip: _________________

I hereby release to the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition and La Leche League of Utah, the right to display, reproduce and publish photographs of myself and my child or children, during the Breastfeeding Cafe. I agree that I have no legal or financial right to the photograph once it has been submitted.

Signature of Breastfeeding Woman ______________________________________________  Date _____________

Names of child/children in photo  ____________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________________ Date ________________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian

Name of Photographer:__________________________________________ Phone Number:_____________________

I understand the above release and give my permission for these photographs to be reproduced by Utah Breastfeeding Coalition and La Leche League of Utah.

Signature of Photographer:_______________________________________________ Date _________________________

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