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Mini Cafés & Big Latch On – August 3rd 2012


Don’t forget  to attend  this  year’s  mini cafés/Big Latch On in the park  an event  to make  a statement  to the  community that breastfeeding is  nature’s way . The locations of the mini cafes are as follow: Liberty park 9:00 am to 12 Pm — Lone peak park 9:00 am to 1:00 pm — Murray Park 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. Come and join us there will be a time to meet other mothers that breastfeed socialize and learn from each other. Look for the banner and you will find us looking forward to seeing all of you at the park.

Highlight activity for the café: Tricia Lewandowski presenting Infant Massage from 1-2pm a unique personal way of calming your baby and finding time for bonding don’t miss it. 

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It’s not too late to get yourself down to library square and be part of the Big Latch On at 10:30am today! Even if you arrive a few minutes late for registration (closing at 10:20am) there’s a special designated section for you late-comers and you can still register at 10:32. . . when the latch is over!!! Be sure to be there before 10:29 so you don’t miss your chance to be counted for this RECORD BREAKING event!

If you don’t have a baby ready to latch, because that baby is still waiting to HATCH. . . then you should be at the “Expectant Moms’ Circle” at 10am instead. Local La Leche League leader, Bradley Instructor and Doula, Amy Ihrig will be facilitating today’s circle, and I’m just SURE some of you have at least ONE question you’d like answered! Like, “What’s the Bradly Method?” Or “Why would someone need a Doula?” Or “How do I ensure a good start to breastfeeding? And what’s my birth got to do with it anyway?” Or maybe you’d just like to meet a few moms who you’ll someday form a playgroup with when you all have little people of the same age. . . lasting friendships begin in circles of like-minded mamas, so come on down and meet your new best friend today!

What does your afternoon look like? I’d suggest grabbing lunch and considering sticking near the SHARE space today after about 3:30 (but you won’t need to bring dinner along). . . JUST a suggestion. . .you never know WHAT you might see, or when! I know a few people who have been working pretty hard to show off their mad talent!

As a final reminder: Please note that we have another “After Hours” event this coming Wednesday and we have added to the Kefir Making How-To being lead by Natasha Boss, a second part of the “After Hours” evening, “Dr. Mom: Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Parenting” with Rebecca Overson of Salt Lake Prenatal Massage. Make a little space in your evening for this great evening of sharing.

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WOW. . .it’s almost the end of World Breastfeeding Week and the first week of this year’s Cafe. Time sure flies! Don’t forget to set your alarm and be on the NE lawn of Main library square tomorrow morning at 10am sharp so you can register and get settled in for The Big Latch On, commencing at 10:30am. Registration ends at 10:20, so don’t delay! Bring your water, blankets, signs, family, friends. . . . and of course, your nursing kiddos! It’s a ONE MINUTE event. . . if you’re late, you’ve missed it!

This is the last afternoon for our World Breastfeeding Week Nursing Portraits Fundraiser, and you do NOT have to go far from the library today. Today we’re in Liberty Park near the greenhouses. I advise coming in to the Aviary parking lot and the greenhouses are just a few steps away. Good company, stuff to snack on and fabulous portraits all to support La Leche League and World Breastfeeding Week.

Before I head over to photograph the lovely ladies who will be at this afternoon’s fundraiser, you can be sure I’ll be stopping into the SHARE space to hear Dana from Synergy Dental talk about breastfeeding and oral health for children. She does her research and this is a hot topic these days. I’m sure we’ve all heard plenty of myths surrounding nursing and oral health, come hear some great information on this topic at 11am!

Did you know that the Flash Mob will be going on tomorrow afternoon? If you missed out on all four practices, or came to try once and just didn’t feel like it was for you. . . . at least come support and watch all the hard work these families have put in to preparing for the Flash Mob. . . I can say “You’ll probably want to be near the SHARE space in the late afternoon, but you don’t have to pack dinner.” And a special thanks to our sponsors, NAP Inc.

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Another Full Day Here at the Breastfeeding Cafe

Good morning. I hope you got some good rest, because this evening we hold our FIRST ever “Cafe After Hours,” from 7-9pm. Tonight’s event will be a women’s clothing swap, including maternity clothes. If you do not wish to take your leftover clothes home with you, we are happy to make a trip to the Road Home and drop them off there, for you. We will be meeting in room L-1. Bring some stuff to swap and bring some friends!!!

But before you get ready for the evening, be sure to leave some time in your schedule this afternoon for another signing class with Heidi at 3pm.

If you’re in class with Heidi, then you’re not at the Murray Park World Breastfeeding Week Nursing Portrait fundraiser, so be sure to RSVP and get a spot for tomorrow or Friday. It’s a great time for snacks, like-minded mamas, and visiting with local La Leche League leaders, along with other breastfeeding families. Oh, plus beautiful portraits of you and your nursing child!

Be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday’s Big Latch On. Registration begins at 10am, on the NE lawn of library square. Do you need an exact address? 400S 300E. There are meters along 300E, or you can park under the library, entrance is on 400S. Join in on this RECORD BREAKING EVENT: Every mom with a child latched on for ONE minute at 10:30am local time, will be counted in the record. Bring a blanket, water, snacks, and of course. . .baby. You’re also welcome to make fun signs (but no staking them into the ground) and bring other family/friend support. EVERYONE who attends will be included in the “event total.”

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Welcome To This Years Cafe!

Welcome to this year’s Cafe “Mothers See! Mothers Do! In public, in pictures and online too!” We have a focus on all forms of communication and crossing various barriers to breastfeeding this year.

It’s FINALLY here. . .the start of the 2011 Breastfeeding Cafe. We’ve already been in full swing with some amazing events. Latch On America was July 22nd and what a great jump start to this year’s World Breastfeeding Week Celebrations! Last Wednesday we had our 6th Annual Breastfeeding Cafe Kick-off Event as well. All this leading up to our 6th Annual Breastfeeding Cafe running August 1-14.

The Cafe is fabulous each year, offering different outreach efforts to the community, providing opportunities for professionals to share information and knowledge with breastfeeding moms, fun classes, crafts, and more. This year we have some awesome events going on to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week in conjunction with the Cafe.

Are you a new mom? Join our “New Moms’ Circle” this morning at 10am to talk about all things “new” and “baby” in your life. Gain support, insight and information from other moms dealing with similar “newness.”

In the afternoon Heidi will be offering a class on signing with your little people. . . be sure to take advantage of such great FREE resources this week!

We’re excited to be offering Spanish-speaking breastfeeding peer counselors this year, and hope that if you know anyone who could benefit from these times, you’ll send them to the Cafe. Be sure to “like” Breastfeeding Cafe SLC on facebook so you can get all of the up to date information on events and happenings during the Breastfeeding Cafe this year. Who knows? We might add in a fabulous class or two!!! You wouldn’t want to be the last to know.

I hope your calendar is marked for 10am THIS Saturday. . .join in a world record event, The Big Latch On. Registration begins at 10am on the NE lawn of library square (400s 300e). Don’t show up later than 10:29!!!!

All questions during the Cafe can be directed to lllofmurray@gmail.com

What a great start to World Breastfeeding Week
Your 2011 Cafe Chairwoman

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