My Breastfed Story

breastfeedingcafecarnivalWelcome to The Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival!

This post was written as part of the Breastfeeding Cafe’s Carnival. For more info on the Breastfeeding Cafe, go to For more info on the Carnival or if you want to participate, contact Claire at clindstrom2 {at} gmail {dot} com. Today’s post is about your breastfeeding (when you were a baby!) story. Please read the other blogs in today’s carnival listed below and check back for more posts July 18th-31st!

I was breastfed as a child, until I was twenty months old. That was a pretty long time back in 1973-74 when the primary mode of infant feeding in the United States was formula. When I was born, a nurse told my mom that I didn’t need formula or water, “If God wanted babies to drink water he would have provided a breast for it.” She says it’s the best advice she got at the hospital.

My mom breastfeeding me in 1973

My mom breastfeeding me in 1973

I also remember my mother breastfeeding all three of my siblings. I do not remember her using bottles with my sister. By the time my brothers were born, I remember seeing her use a hand pump to express milk. They also drank formula from a bottle so that my sister and I could feed them if we were babysitting and my mom hadn’t pumped that day (there is a 10-year & 12-year difference between us).

The rare bottle – my mom hand expressed milk on the rare occasions I was bottle-fed

The rare bottle – my mom hand expressed milk on the rare occasions I was bottle-fed

The one thing I have heard my mother express several times is her regret at weaning one of my siblings before they were both ready. She felt outside pressure from peers and our pediatrician to cease breastfeeding past a certain age, so she weaned even though her gut instinct was that it was too soon. She remembers that it was tearful and difficult, and had she known what she knows now, she definitely would have done differently.

My breastfeeding goal as a new mom was to nurse until my Sweet Pea’s first birthday. Little did I know that day would come and go and neither of us would be ready to wean. After 12 months passed with no end to breastfeeding in sight, my secondary goal was to honor our child and let her choose when she weaned. I wanted to avoid the regret I see my own mother experience when she sees toddlers nursing.

I know that seeing breastfeeding as a child lent me the idea that it was “the” way to feed infants. I had seen my mom nurse at home, and I will have to ask her to see what she did outside of the home. I don’t remember; but having a busy teenager and a baby meant that my brothers got hungry when we were out of the home. If she nursed them on the go, I don’t think she used a nursing cover. Such things didn’t exist in the 1970’s and the 1980’s when my siblings and I were born!

Having my mom as an example gave me the confidence that I could breastfeed our children. As our first due-date approached, there was no question in my mind that we were going to breastfeed. It was also a relief to have a supportive and encouraging person “on my side” when we first started breastfeeding. She was with us in the postpartum period after our first child was born, and that first breastfeeding relationship was a hard one – neither my Sweet Pea nor I knew what we were doing! Having her encouragement, and all the water and snacks she brought me every time we nursed; it was positive reinforcement that I was doing the right thing for our baby.

My mother’s message of regret over the forced weaning also gave me the confidence to allow our children to lead the way when it came to weaning. Other than an emergency weaning when one of our Sweet Peas was 18 months old (I was having contractions when I nursed in pregnancy and didn’t know what options I had at the time), three of our children have weaned when they were ready. Luckily, the one child that had to be weaned in the midst of a pregnancy did so easily. We did it gently by reducing one session at a time over the course of two weeks. It must have been a developmentally appropriate time to make the shift away from breastmilk and breastfeeding.

Since that “emergency” weaning, I learned more and was able to nurse through a pregnancy. Our children that were able to choose their weaning did so at 22 months, 4 years and 10 months, and we still have a nursling who is 2 years and 9 months old. I wonder if she is going to stop sooner than later since she is the only one nursing now.

A treasured image from my breastfeeding journey – c.2007 with Sweet Pea #2

A treasured image from my breastfeeding journey – c.2007 with Sweet Pea #2

For now, I am enjoying the journey. It is not always easy nursing a toddler, however in my mind the health benefits and MotherChild bonding far outweigh the discomfort of the “gymnurstics”. We may be writing the last few chapters of this trek through breastfeeding – time will tell. It certainly has been an adventure that has lasted a lot longer than the original 12 months I had in mind.

40thwithmyloveKrystyna Bowman, AAHCC and her husband Bruss are The Bradley Method® 2014 Affiliated Instructors. Besides being parents to four children, they are lactivists, homeschool advocates and speakers on the topics of childbirth and childbirth education. They strive to help as many families as possible achieve healthy and low-risk pregnancies through exercise, nutrition and education. They are passionate about teaching families the sacredness and the beauty of the natural process, while maintaining a realistic outlook that sometimes interventions are necessary and desirable for a Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby outcome. Krystyna blogs about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding at Sweet Pea Births; and she writes about their family life at Sweet Pea Families. You can also find @SweetPeaBirths on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Here are more posts by the Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival participants! Check back because more will be added throughout the day.

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My Breastfeeding Goals

breastfeedingcafecarnivalWelcome to The Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival!

This post was written as part of the Breastfeeding Cafe’s Carnival. For more info on the Breastfeeding Cafe, go to For more info on the Carnival or if you want to participate, contact Claire at clindstrom2 {at} gmail {dot} com. Today’s post is about your personal breastfeeding goals. Please read the other blogs in today’s carnival listed below and check back for more posts July 18th-31st!

As I sit down to write this I am pregnant with my second child. On top of the day to day things that filter through my head of things that need to get done filter through the thoughts about the changes that need to happen before this little one joins our family. I need to clean my house, set up the crib and figure out how exactly are we going to side car it, I need to wash that load of newborn clothes, pull out my cloth diapers and determine what shape they are in, and did I mention clean my house?! Because I still have about 10 weeks left I am both convinced I have ample time to accomplish all these tasks while simultaneously freaking out because this pregnancy has flown by and I am still left wondering what on earth happened to the month of April. (It is now mid- July.)

This being my second child I have a vague idea, through trial and error with my first, of what life will look like once our little one joins us. Breastfeeding was one trial in particular that has especially formed my idea of life with this new baby. Breastfeeding became very important to me when I quit breastfeeding my daughter. I didn’t realize how important it was to my mental and physical wellbeing as a mother until I had already finished. From the moment I had my first regret about quitting, which by the way was not immediately after I quit, I knew with my second child I would do better. Since then I have thought about what it would be like to breastfeed another baby. My thought process on feeding my next child has developed through the last five years from “I will exclusively breastfeed this next baby for 6 months” to “I will let them wean when they feel like it whether they are 18 months or 5 years old.” In reality, I will breastfeed as long as the relationship is both mutually beneficial for my child and me, no matter how long that is.

Because I have no set time in mind in which I will nurse my next child, although in the recesses of my mind I am thinking in terms of years rather than months, it might be hard to think that I have goals for breastfeeding, but I do, not in the length of time but in my actions.

The goals for my breastfeeding relationship are:

To be determined. With my first daughter I was going to “try to breastfeed.” Our breastfeeding relationship lasted exactly a month from birth to finish. I found the whole process hard and frustrating. I decided in the middle of the night one night that I had tried, and I was just not cut out for this whole breastfeeding thing. This time around I am taking lessons from a wise Jedi master “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” This time around I WILL breastfeed my baby for the duration of her babyhood. “A Jedi must have the deepest commitment.” I am committed.

To be educated. With my daughter I did not educate myself on how breastfeeding worked, or different ways to manage problems. I am pretty sure the literature I read on breastfeeding was pretty much the Enfamil packet on breastfeeding that was sent home with me in the hospital. Since then I have learned a lot about breastfeeding simply through the groups I belong on. I learned about latches, how supply and demand works, and about nipple confusion. This time around I bought the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and am working through it. If nothing else I will have this little guide to help me in the middle of the night.

To have support. The first time around with breastfeeding I did not really have support. My mom fed me formula starting at 6 weeks and her idea of help was feeding the baby a bottle so I could get some sleep and have a fresh perspective after some sleep. My husband had no clue what I was doing or how to help when the baby and I were both crying at 3 am because 3 weeks later this just still wasn’t working. Now that I am approaching month 8 of pregnancy I will attend my first LLL meeting and hopefully continue attending them for quite some time. I also need to find a lactation consultant, just in case. I am hoping the LLL leader will have a name or two for me. Breastfeeding was so painful for me and having a professional to call that I can ask for help that is full of knowledge would help tremendously. If I had someone there last time I might have been able to figure out if something was causing that pain that could be fixed.

To be flexible. I think one of the reasons that breastfeeding was so hard for me last time was because I only ever nursed sitting on the couch in cradle hold. My nipples were hurting and bleeding and nursing in multiple ways and positions, assuming there were no latch problems causing the pain, might have helped with that. Being flexible with life as well, just going with the flow. If the baby has their nights and days mixed up I hope I can just be flexible and roll with it, instead of agonizing over sleep lost on both our parts. If I thought X was going to work but it doesn’t, I need to be flexible to throw it out and try something new.

To be patient. This is something I struggle with in all aspects of life, and is something I can only imagine will become something I need to focus on when I become a mother of two. It is something that I especially want to apply to my nursing relationship. I think having the perspective this go around that everything is a phase and this too shall pass, will help tremendously. If in the beginning breastfeeding is difficult again I know it will get easier and that I have to tools and resources to weather that storm, and any other that come during the different stages of feeding my child. I will also need to be patient with myself during this time. I tend to be hard on myself when I can’t do everything, or when life isn’t running as smoothly as I would like. I need to be patient with this time in my life and know that what I have to do will still be waiting for me when I am done nourishing my child. I may not be getting the laundry done, or the house cleaned, but what I am doing during these cumulating hours of nursing is far more important than any chore awaiting me.

To live in the moment and find joy in it. The last one seems simple, but for me is sometimes oh so hard. I know I will be tempted, and will on many occasions I have no doubt, pick up my kindle while nursing and peruse the internet or read. There needs to be times though where I am doing nothing but connecting to my child. I need to put down my kindle, get off the computer, and just enjoy it. It won’t last very long. Before I know it the baby in my belly will, like her sister is now, losing her front teeth, and this time in my life will also pass. I can never capture it again.

Carol lives in rural southern Colorado. She is a mother to five year old Maribelle with one on the way. She is a history student at the local college and is a soon going to start the adventure of being a stay at home mom. She loves to read just about anything and dance around like a fool to music in her living room.

Here are more post by the Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival participants! Check back because more will be added throughout the day.

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Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival Topics 2014

DSC_0499The Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival starts two weeks from today! Are you so excited?! I am! So mark your calendars and participate in as many topics as you can!

We’ve already had a few volunteers for guest posting on this blog (thanks ladies!) and I would love it if we can get the spots filled by the time the Carnival opens. It would certainly take a lot of stress off my very-pregnant plate! So please email me ASAP at clindstrom2 {at} gmail {dot} com if you’d like to reserve your topic. Also email me if you’re not on the mailing list yet so you can get notifications/reminders about the Carnival.

Friday, July 18th – What are your breastfeeding goals? Do you want to nurse for at least 6 months? A year? As long as your child wants? Why is this your goal?

Saturday, July 19th – What’s your breastfed story? Tell us your story of if/how you were nursed and how you feel that’s effected your breastfeeding goals now.

Sunday, July 20th – Who has helped you to reach your breastfeeding goals? A supportive partner, helpful friend, organization, etc.? How did they help you?

Monday, July 21st – What’s your breastfeeding mantra? Sometimes when the going gets rough we have to remind ourselves of our breastfeeding goals. What were the thoughts that got you by when you were experiencing issues or frustration with nursing?

Tuesday, July 22nd – What has helped you reach your breastfeeding goals? Is there a particular product out there that helped you to breastfeed? Maybe an SNS system that kept your baby at the breast or a pillow that helped you through those late nights. Tell us your must have!

Wednesday, July 23rd – Breastfeeding photos. Share photos of your nursling!

Thursday, July 24th – Then and now: how have your breastfeeding goals changed? Maybe you started off wanting to just try it out and ended up an activist for child-led weaning. Maybe your goals have stayed the same from the beginning. Tell us about it!

Friday, July 25th – Non-traditional support. We all know how our world is changing. Has someone helped you through the internet? Is there a book you read to get breastfeeding answers? Be creative!

Saturday, July 26th – How have you helped another mom to reach her breastfeeding goals? Have you supported a friend, started advocacy, etc?

Sunday, July 27th – Breastfeeding in public. We all know that life goes on while breastfeeding and leaving the house means breastfeeding in public. Tell us your stories, thoughts, and so on.

Monday, July 28th – What’s your favorite long-term breastfeeding benefit? We all know that breastfeeding has a whole host of long-term benefits for both baby and mom, which one is your favorite?

Tuesday, July 29th – How has breastfeeding changed the way you parent? The good and the bad, write it here!

Wednesday, July 30th – Babywearing photos. Do you babywear? Show us!

Thursday, July 31st – How has breastfeeding changed your life? We know all about the physical benefits of breastfeeding, but what about the emotional side? How has breastfeeding effected you as a person?

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Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival 2014

Hello all!

breastfeedingcafecarnivalThe Breastfeeding Cafe is just over a month away, which means that the Carnival is quickly approaching! The Cafe’s theme this year is Breastfeeding Goals for Life! 

Just as in years past, there will be a new topic every day in line with our theme. Bloggers are encouraged to participate in as many (or as few!) days as you’d like! It’s as simple as writing a post on your blog on the topic for the day and putting the code I’ll send you at the top and bottom of your post so readers know you’re participating in the Carnival. Please email me at clindstrom2 {at} gmail {dot} com to get on our email list so you’ll be notified about topics and get our reminders.

If you don’t have a blog (or just don’t want to participate on your blog) and would like to participate, you’re welcome to write a guest post for this blog! We’ll be looking for guest bloggers to feature on this blog every day of the Carnival. That’s 14 days of guest posters! Email me (clindstrom2 {at} gmail {dot} com) ASAP if you think you’d like to participate and I’ll get you on the list. I’d love to have our guest blogger spots filled up soon! All it takes is sending me your post on the topic and some photos to include, easy peasy! Check out the blog to see samples of past guest posts.

I’ll be posting the topics for the blog within the next week or so. Keep an eye out for it! And don’t forget to email me to get on the list! Spread the word (anyone is invited to participate, regardless of location!) and grab our button for your blog/site!

Breastfeeding Cafe
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Final Day of the Cafe

Today is the very last day of the Cafe.  It could not have been done without the efforts of every single person on this year’s committee!!  Thank you again to the 2013 Breastfeeding Cafe Committee. . .

Timbra: Chairwoman
Renee: Volunteer Coordinator
Cagney: Events Coordinator
Amanda & Katherine: Education Coordinators
Cheryl: Social Media Coordinator
Jeana: Library Liaison
Sondra: Media Liaison
Meghan: UBC President
Claire & Susan: Web design/support
Claire: Blog Carnival, daily posts and silent auction updates
Timbra & Renee: Cafe Design
Katherine & Renee: Family Fun Night coordinators
Timbra ( & Crew & Jessica & Haley & Elizabeth): Professional Networking event (special thanks to everyone on the committee who attended and did chopping and cheese platter arranging and table moving and all other grunt work, and for the ladies who also sent out all of the invites at the very last minute when the Chairwoman had to leave town)
LLL Groups & Other Committee Members: 5 Mini Cafes From Ogden, to Draper and over to Park City too
I know that I missed talking about some of these awesome ladies who supported me through the Cafe planning this year.  In the middle of the Cafe we also had a regional La Leche League conference, which kept me away from daily posts throughout the Cafe.  I appreciate each and every one and all of the hard work put in to this year’s Breastfeeding Cafe and hope that each woman on the Committee knows that.
We would not have had all of the great mini-Cafe locations, family fun night and Professional Networking event held with such ease, had it not been for Cagney who joined the Committee this year and made numerous phone calls to secure locations for us.  She was also responsible for being sure that everyone who was holding a mini-Cafe was registered for the Big Latch On.  She contacted many of our Baby Friendly Businesses  to ask about posting fliers and to request donations for our Silent Auction this year.  It’s no small feat for a busy mom of a toddler to make so many phone calls and drop-ins to locations all over the city!
Sondra was our Media Liaison this year.  She spent lots of time getting our information out to online community calendars, writing up and distributing a press release and even did a video press release for the Cafe.
A huge shout-out to the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition as well.  Meghan is in her first of two years at the President of the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition.  She has been an awesome support for our Committee this year and we really appreciated her involvement (and her little guy’s flexibility in letting his mama tote him around to all of the events).  Please go check out the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition, learn a little bit more about what they do, and know that the UBC is a wonderful resource when you have questions or requirements regarding breastfeeding advocacy and policy in Utah.
Today is the very last day to bid on the silent auction.  ALL of our paintings have bids!!!  Thank you to Kathy Grossman who donates these paintings each year. . . those who win them will be LUCKY to have these one-of-a-kind paintings created by a local artist in their homes/offices.  Bidding for all items ends at 11:59 TONIGHT!!!
Please join us for the Volunteer Reception at 4pm in Murray Park on Tuesday evening.  It is a potluck!  There’s a sand volleyball pit, so kids might enjoy buckets and shovels 🙂  If you bid on a silent auction item and win, this is a great time to pick up your item!  And there is a small gift for everyone who attends (or you can make arrangements to pick it up later if you are unable to attend).
Thank you again to all of our volunteers who filled EVERY SINGLE SHIFT this year!  You are all amazing mothers and women and leaders in our community!
Would YOU like to be on the Breastfeeding Cafe Committee next year?  It’s never too early to start planning for next year’s Cafe and you would have a great Committee of women willing to give you pointers to make your job just a little bit easier next year!  Contact with your excited reply!
Thank you SO much everyone!
“Because Breastfeeding Touches us all!”
Breastfeeding Cafe Chairwoman 2013

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Thursday, August 15th

What is La Leche League?
La Leche League was started in the 1950s by a group of 7 women who wanted to breastfeed their babies and help others do the same.  At the height of a time when breastfeeding had become unpopular, these women came together in friendship and support of one another and other mothers around them who wanted to breastfeed their babies.
Today La Leche League is an international organization.  La Leche League is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization as well.  La Leche League offers one-to-one mother-to-mother support, just as it did in those early days.  La Leche League Leaders are trained volunteers who can help with basic breastfeeding positioning and help with difficulties as well as offer support and information for all breastfeeding mothers about the normal course of breastfeeding.
If you have never attended a La Leche League meeting, tonight is a perfect chance!  La Leche League of Salt Lake will hold their annual “Father’s meeting” at LDS hospital at 7pm.  This is a once/year opportunity here in Salt Lake City.  Utah has several LLL Groups meeting throughout the state, check out for a list of Leaders and meeting locations around Utah and try attending a meeting in August or September.  LLL meetings are a wonderful place to gain information, insight and support, but also a place where life-long friendships have so often formed through sharing a journey of breastfeeding and motherhood together.
From, please enjoy a history of La Leche League and breastfeeding over the past 57 years!

1956 – Breastfeeding rates in the US drop close to 20%; October 17, first meeting held at home of Mary White

1957 – LLL brings Dr. Grantly-Dick Read, childbirth expert, to speak to a packed house at the local high school

1958 – Founders clarify their purpose and incorporate as LLL of Franklin Park; publish the first edition of THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING in loose-leaf format and the first edition of the bimonthly publication for members, then called LLL NEWS

1960 – Over 50 women coming to ‘Board’ meetings bi-monthly; first LLL Group outside of country founded in Jonquiere, Quebec

1962 – LLL establishes ‘Chapters’ with 5 Groups per Chapter

1963 – LLL publishes first bound book edition of THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING (2nd ed.) and first translation into French; Reader’s Digest publishes the article, “They teach the art of breastfeeding” by Karen Pryor

1964 – Official name change from La Leche League to La Leche League International, Inc., with Groups in Canada, Mexico and New Zealand; LLLI’s first International Conference takes place in Chicago with 425 adults and 100 babies in attendance

1965 – The first issue of Leaven is published to keep LLL Leaders up-to-date on breastfeeding and organizational issues

1968 – Ammenhjelpen, a mother-to-mother support group inspired by La Leche League, was started in Norway

1971 – LLLI receives widespread publicity when Princess Grace of Monaco speaks at the 4th International Conference held in Chicago, Illinois, USA

1973 – first La Leche League meetings in France

1972 – Breastfeeding rates finally start to climb, jumping 4%, continuing an average climb of 3% a year throughout the decade

1974 – LLLI is accredited to provide continuing medical education credits by The American Medical Association

1976– First La Leche League Leader accredited in the Netherlands

1977 – official birthday of La Leche Liga Deutschland (Germany)

1978 – La Leche League of Belgium/Wallonia was founded

1979 – LLLI is represented at joint WHO/UNICEF Meeting on Infant and Young Child Feeding in October in Geneva, Switzerland

1979 – La Leche League Italy was founded

1981 – LLLI is welcomed into consultative status with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF); establishes Affiliate status as part of its organizational structure; LLL Switzerland becomes LLLI’s first Affiliate country; A revised and expanded 3rd edition of THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING is published; LLLI holds its 25th Anniversary Conference with a record attendance of 3800 adults and 2300 children; LLLI publishes the first edition of BREASTFEEDING ABSTRACTS, a quarterly publication for health professionals

1982 – LLL Leader works with UNICEF/Brazil to develop a pilot project to train low-income mothers to be breastfeeding counselors and to form mother-to-mother support groups; breastfeeding rates reach 61.9%

1984 – LLLI publishes OF CRADLES AND CAREERS by Kaye Lowman

1985 – The title and format of LLL NEWS changes to NEW BEGINNINGS; LLLI serves on The International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners, established to develop and administer a voluntary certification program for lactation consultants; first IBLCE exam administered, July 1985

1986 – LLLI publishes 6 books, including a new edition of THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING, in 3 years.

1987 – LLLI launches the Peer Counselor Program

1987 – La Leche League of Euskadi (Basque Country) and Spain was founded

1988 – LLLI is awarded a 4 year Child Survival Grant for projects in Guatemala and Honduras to train low-income women as breastfeeding counselors and to form mother-to-mother breastfeeding support groups; LLLI publishes the first quarterly edition of ALUMNAE NEWS to reach members of the newly formed Alumnae Association

1989 – LLLI initiates an 800-line to enable mothers to reach LLL Groups and receive the breastfeeding information they need; LLLI establishes the Center for Breastfeeding Information (CBI), the world’s largest resource for scientific research on breastfeeding

1990 – Breastfeeding rates drop to 50%; The WHO/UNICEF Policymaker’s Meeting produces the “Innocenti Declaration on the Protection, Promotion and Support of Breastfeeding,” which is signed by 10 UN Agencies and 32 countries, including the US

1990 – La Leche League of Dominican Republic was founded

1991 – The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) is launched by WHO/UNICEF in June in Ankara, Turkey; LLLI joins with other organizations and individuals to form the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) a global network to protect, support and promote breastfeeding; LLLI publishes THE BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK and a revised edition of The WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING

1992 – WABA sponsors first World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7, with the theme: Baby-Friendly Hospitals; LLLI sponsors its first World Walk for Breastfeeding

1993 – LLLI is admitted into official relations by the Executive Board of the WHO’s ninety-first session in January (resolution EB9l.R20)

1994 – LLLI moves its office from Franklin Park to Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

1995 – LLLI establishes a presence on the Internet with its own Web site and as a participant in “Parent Soup on America Online;” breastfeeding rates rise again approaching 60%

1996 – WABA sponsors the fifth World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7, with the theme, Breastfeeding: A Community Responsibility; LLLI publishes a revised and expanded edition of THE BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK

1997 – LLLI holds the 25th annual Physicians Seminar and the 40th Anniversary International Conference in July 1997 in Washington, DC USA; celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Peer Counselor Program

1998 – Education Center officially established at LLLI, Schaumburg, IL, USA, for the implementation of courses related to breastfeeding and lactation management

1999 – LLLI representative travels to Moscow, Russia, to provide technical assistance and support to a newly established mother-to-mother support group; Russian obstetricians tour LLLI offices, Schaumburg, IL, USA

2000 – LLLI’s Center for Breastfeeding Information goes online

2001 – Wellstart International donates their library to LLLI, increasing the number of professional journal articles, research studies and books available from our Center for Breastfeeding Information from 19,000 to 38,000

2002 – LLLI published revised edition of THE BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK, available in CD format for the first time

2005 – First La Leche League Leader accredited in Bulgaria

2006 – First La Leche League Leader accredited in Ukraine

2009 – La Leche League USA started managing New Beginnings a former LLLI magazine.

2009 – First La Leche League Leader accredited in Russia

2009 – First La Leche League Leader accredited in Croatia

2009 – LEAVEN became an online publication for LLL Leaders, contains information that helps Leaders in their work of providing breastfeeding support to mothers in their communities.

2009 – On November 2009 La Leche League International Facebook Page was Founded

2010 – THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING, NEW 8th Edition, published by La Leche League International, is the most complete resource available for the breastfeeding mother, and became a National Best-seller. By the end of this past fiscal year, the 8th edition was available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Turkish.  Work has also begun in several additional languages to be published in the coming year.

2010 – BREASTFEEDING TODAY – An international online magazine full of inspiring stories, helpful information, news and reviews for expectant parents, breastfeeding moms, their families and supporters, at all stages of the parenting journey. Premier online issue released

2010 – BREASTFEEDING TIPS AND PRODUCTS became available online!
Are you volunteering at baby faires, putting together packets for pregnant or new moms, or trying to promote breastfeeding awareness in your community by distributing information? Order this breastfeeding guide in bulk quantities, which includes helpful answers to frequently asked breastfeeding questions plus a section that features books and products. Free plus shipping and handling.

2011 – La Leche League became an official licensee to use the got breastmilk?”™ brand.

2011 – First La Leche League Leaders accredited in Belarus

2011 – La Leche League of Serbia was founded in April

2011 – On October 17, 2011 La Leche League International Celebrated it’s 55 Year Anniversary!

2012 – YOURSELF, FEED YOUR FAMILY – Your approach to eating changes when you become pregnant, give birth, and become responsible for feeding a growing family. Featuring more than seventy-five easy-to-make and delicious recipes, sanity-saving, mom-tested advice, and vital information about your nutritional needs when pregnant, nursing, or weaning, FEED YOURSELF, FEED YOUR FAMILY helps you set your family on a course for a lifetime of healthy eating.

2012 – First La Leche League Leader accredited in Poland

2012 – First La Leche League Leader accredited in Lebanon

2012 – First La Leche League International Gift Cards for the online
Looking for the perfect gift? Let the lucky recipient choose a gift online at

2012 – BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK – This guidebook is ideal for use in helping mothers establish and enjoy a satisfying breastfeeding relationship with their babies. The Breastfeeding Answer Book Update 2012 include: • Breast Anatomy • Bariatric Surgery and Lactation • Contraception • Galactogogues • Milk Expression • Milk Storage.

2012 – Readers’ Choice Award Winner as a Favorite Baby Shower Gift – The Womanly Art of BreastfeedingThank you for all your votes!

LLLI PR July 2003

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Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Cafe!  World Breastfeeding Week is behind us now and I’d like to share all of the great things that went on from August 1-7 to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week here in Salt Lake this year.

I hope you’ve been able to drop by and enjoy some of the classes that have been offered throughout the first week.  I know we’ve had some other local Groups stop by to hold their own meetings (Attachment Parenting and Babywearing) and some local moms drop by to teach classes as well.  What has been your favorite so far?
Professional Networking Dinner
We held our first ever “Professional Networking Dinner” on Thursday August 1st to kick-off World Breastfeeding Week.  We had close to 40 professionals ranging from chiropractors, cranial sacral specialists and speech therapists to dentists, midwives, IBCLCs and local LLL Leaders.  It was an awesome event to bring together persons who support breastfeeding mothers and help us all get on the same page to help mothers TOGETHER instead of separately.
We had two speakers for our event.  Our first was Dana Robison, General Manager for Synergy Dental.  Dana does a tremendous amount of research for the practice regarding materials used as well as regarding breastfeeding and oral health.  She brought an awesome presentation sharing the importance of breastfeeding FOR oral health and how to keep children’s mouths clean and healthy during the breastfeeding years.  If you’d like her presentation, she has it available.
Dr. Branton Richter of Dry Creek Pediatric Dentistry in Lehi, was our second speaker. Dr. Richter is a pediatric dentist who specializes in laser dentistry and has now been treating many patients with tongue and lip tie, from infant to adult, with laser revision.  He lead a Question & Answer type discussion mainly on the importance of tongue function in breastfeeding and beyond and shared information he gained at the recent Summit for International Affiliation of Tongue Tie Professionals (IATP).
We’d like to thank the U of U for use of their Alumni room for this event along with two local Baby Friendly Community business owners, Ian (owner of Sage’s CafeVertical DinerCafe Supernatural and Cali’s Natural Foods) donated gorgeous appetizer platters for our event and Kestrel, owner of the The Tin Angel Cafe, donated delicious bread pudding bites as our dessert.  We are grateful and proud to be part of a community where local business owners support breastfeeding mothers and families.  PLEASE become patrons of these businesses!  They deserve our support as they have given us theirs!
Family Fun Night
Friday evening, August 2, Katherine & Renee put together our first “Family Fun Night” for volunteers and their families.  In the past our kick-off has combined semi-professional speakers along with volunteers and others who would like to attend, but this year we went ahead and split up the two purposes of the kick-off so that more could enjoy each aspect.  We had well over 30 in attendance on Friday evening.  Our Family Fun Night included a Breastfeeding T-shirt contest, which was won by our volunteer Kelie (who happens to be wife of Ian) for her “Supply & Demand” shirts.  We also had face painting, bike decorating and a small bike parade for our kids, information on the Cafe and a thank you to our Committee and volunteers was given, final volunteer orientation was held, and finally we enjoyed conversation, fun and picnic on the lawn.  Thank you for all who joined us that evening.
Mini Cafes
Did you attend one of our Mini Cafes on Saturday August 3rd?  Share with us!  We held five Mini Cafes this year in Ogden (Farmer’s market), Salt Lake City (Liberty Park), Murray (Murray Park), Draper (Draper Park) and Park City (Oakley Market).  We held a Big Latch On at each location as well and all over the world, we broke the record this year!  There were booths with give-a-ways, free raffles, food, information and other fun, at each location.  Check out the Ogden Mini Cafe here.
Finally, on August 4th, Timbra & Renee set up the SHARE space, as our Design Team for the 3rd year, to be ready for opening on August 5th.
Other Celebrations
There were other celebrations in Utah as well, members of the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition have been holding small Cafes throughout the state and LLL of Logan has a great fundraiser and “Breastfeeding Rest Stop” each year.  LLL of Murray has an ongoing fundraiser for the month of August where Nursing Portrait sessions are offered by Baby Friendly Business Landslide Photography. And another of our Baby Friendly Businesses, Honey Bump Maternity, also held a Big Latch On/Business Anniversary Event on Friday August 2nd.  How did YOU celebrate World Breastfeeding Week?????
Enjoy Week 2 of the Cafe and join in on some of our classes this week!  There are also a few volunteer shifts each day that still seem to need filling, so if you haven’t picked up a shift, keep your eyes open!

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Day 4

Taking a break from writing much today to say GO CHECK OUT THE SILENT AUCTION!!!  Everyone on our committee has worked to make calls and contacts in order to bring you a great Silent Auction this year.  There are some awesome items!  We appreciate our Baby Friendly Businesses that donated, we appreciate individuals who created and donated, we appreciate our Committee for locating items.  The selection is varied folks. . .so go on over and bid your hearts out.  Bidding will close 11:59 August 19th.

Kathy Grossman, LLL Leader in Moab and longtime LLL Leader, donates a painting of her own design, each year.  This painting often becomes the “face” of the Cafe.  You have likely seen this year’s painting, “Moonflower Mother and Child” on many of our advertisement materials.   It is a gorgeous painting and we’d love to find it a home.  Do you know a doctor’s office or other business that supports mothers and children, where this painting might look wonderful on the wall?  Encourage business owners to check out the paintings and contact us for purchase or bid on the auction.  We still have our paintings from the past two years available and have discounted them for the auction this year.  These are ONE OF A KIND paintings!!!
Happy Bidding!!!

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Cafe Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the Cafe.

Come by an enjoy a meeting with the Babywearing Club of Northern Utah this morning.  This evening we’ll have a great discussion on natural family planning along with information about the Milk Depot here in Utah!  A great day of activities awaits you!
Today is the DAY!!  Our Silent Auction will be up and running some time this evening.  Come bid on some REALLY great items.  Some of our local “Baby Friendly Businesses” (click on the “Community” tab above to see a list of businesses that display the International Breastfeeding Symbol and support breastfeeding families)  have donated to this year’s Silent Auction, along with several other businesses.  You’ll definitely want to come over and bid on ALL of these awesome items.
Want to know more about our Baby Friendly Community page?  If you own a business or know someone who does and want to make that business “Baby Friendly” (breastfeeding friendly/family/child friendly) grab one of the awesome International Breastfeeding Symbol window clings from the Cafe along with the little blurb, which should be found nearby.  Have your businesses (or the business you want to approach) post our sticker to show the community that it is a business which stands in support of breastfeeding and welcomes family patronage, and we’ll share their business logo on our Community Page from here forward!  Don’t forget to update us at if a new business wants to take part in this community effort.
Speaking of Community Page and the Online Silent Auction, I want to give a shout-out to our web-ladies, who do so much of our online upkeep. Late in the game this year, Susan took over getting our site up to date prior to the Cafe.  Susan is a long-time LLL Leader, IBCLC, member of the UBC and creator of the Cafe itself.  She is also mother of one.  Claire is a lactivist blogger and mother of two. She is our Blog Carnival Creator. . .she sends out tons of emails each year to request participation and then sends daily html codes as participants post for the FULL TWO WEEKS leading up to the Cafe. This is Claire’s third year keeping up our Blog Carnival.  Claire agreed to maintaining our site and keeping it up-to-date throughout the Cafe this year as well, which includes daily posts from yours truly and getting our Silent Auction posted. Thank you to these two ladies who stepped up to keep our website current throughout the Cafe this year.
Are you enjoying the SHARE space this year?  Do you like our very public SHARE space in the Main Library, set in the heart of Downtown SLC?  Jeana is in her fourth year as the Library Liaison and has this role down to a science, even if library policies and point persons seem to change from year to year.  Don’t forget, if you need something while you are volunteering, please get in touch with Renee or Jeana, NOT the library itself (not the front desk!).  If you’re enjoying free-parking this year, our Cafe budget is paying for that and Jeana has been the liaison for being sure everyone has the appropriate amount of parking passes for their shift.  Thank you Jeana, for all that you do behind the scenes!
Don’t forget to check back for our Silent Auction items as they become available for bidding throughout the day.

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Cafe Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Cafe.  I stopped by the Cafe last evening and was excited to see everything put together and things running smoothly.  While there, a man stopped by to talk to some of our volunteers for several minutes.  I overheard him say “YEAH. . .if a baby gotta eat, a baby gotta eat!”  I love that kind of community support and am so glad we are all working together to just keep the conversation about breastfeeding, open!

Have you ever visited a La Leche League meeting in the area?  Many of our volunteers heard about the Cafe for the first time through an LLL meeting they visited and several of our volunteers during the Cafe are also LLL Leaders.  Our local LLL Groups will continue to hold meetings throughout the Valley and beyond, this month.  Today LLL of Murray meets at 494E 5300S at noon.  We invite all pregnant and nursing mothers (with nursing children of any age) to join us for our monthly series meeting.  During the Cafe LLL of SLC, Sandy and Ogden will all hold meetings at their regular times, check out for meeting times and locations (the SLC Group will hold a meeting in our SHARE space AND at the Sprague library, simultaneously this month).
I hope you were able to enjoy a discussion circle or some yoga yesterday.  Don’t miss out on meeting the moms of Attachment Parenting Club of Salt Lake as they get together today.  For working mothers, we’ve got an evening class today!  The discussion will center around working and breastfeeding with some great resource information on pumping and storing human milk, as well as discussing the emotions that come with being away from baby!
I’d like to highlight another of our committee members today and all of those she works with during the Cafe.

If you are volunteering for the Cafe today or any other day, Renee is the one who has put together our volunteer list. This is Renee’s third Cafe to work as Volunteer Coordinator.  Renee is a retired LLL Leader and mother of three.  She works tirelessly to be sure that each and every volunteer shift gets filled throughout the Cafe.  She is the person who is called at the last minute to either find a replacement or BE the replacement, if someone is unavailable to fill their shift.  Renee has also been holding in-person volunteer orientations the past three years and this year had to increase that to three orientations. Together Katherine (highlighted yesterday) and Renee put together our first ever Family Fun Night, which was held at Liberty Park on Friday evening.  More on this event later in the Cafe.

The Cafe is open Daily from 10-7 (shorter weekend hours) with overlapping two hour shifts. One woman each morning works at the Cafe on her own, pulling out the tables and display grids.  Then, throughout the day seven other volunteers will come and go for shifts.  These women answer questions from the community, help set up for classes that might take place during their shift, direct passersby to the correct information available and sometimes deal with harassment as well, before the last lady of the day drags the tables in and locks our doors until tomorrow.  Thank a volunteer for making sure our Cafe runs every day!  There are between 40 and 50 volunteers this year!  

Stay TUNED. . .our Silent Auction should be up and running in the next day or so.  Please be sure to be handing out the little green postcards on one of the tables, which have our website on them, and let people know to go online for bidding in the next few days.  We have those GREAT paintings for sale!!!

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