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Politics of Breastfeeding; Babywearing 101

TPOBFcoverThis morning from 10 – 11:30 am La Leche League of Salt Lake City is exploring the Politics of Breastfeeding.  What makes breastfeeding political here in Salt Lake?  How does U.S. support for breastfeeding stack up against efforts in other nations?  Whose responsibility is it to support breastfeeding when mom goes back to work?  What happened to the federal education campaign, “Babies Are Born to Breastfeed” —  why did the National Ad Council walk away from the project?  What does the WHO Code mean to you?  Gabrielle Palmer’s book on the topic, THE POLITICS OF BREASTFEEDING, is reissued this summer with the subtitle “When Breasts Are Bad for Business.”  Why is the topic more vital than ever?  Join the discussion in Room A on the lower level (take the atrium stairs across from the Cafe).

DSC02999Do you have a sling ?  Do you know how to use it?!  Wish you could make one yourself so it’s one-of-kind and doesn’t break the bank?  Why so much fuss about “babywearing?”  What does it mean and why should I give it a whirl?  Come to Babywearing and learn new ways carry your baby — and new reasons you’ll be happy you did.  We’ll meet inside the Cafe from 6:30 – 7:30 pm with different baby carrier styles on hand to check out.  A great idea to explore if you’re pregnant and planning ahead, an urgent need if you’re sore from carrying a big baby on your hip –or in a bucket.

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