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Wordless Wednesday: Babywearing Photos

Welcome to The Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival!

This post was written as part of The Breastfeeding Cafe’s Carnival. For more info on the Breastfeeding Cafe, go to For more info on the Carnival or if you want to participate, contact Claire at clindstrom2 {at} gmail {dot} com. Today’s post is Wordless Wednesday: Babywearing Photos! Please read the other blogs in today’s carnival listed below and check back for more posts July 18th through the 31st!

From one of the babywearing workshops at the Breastfeeding Cafe in Logan.

Today’s guest post is from Sherrie Green. Sherrie is a WIC Nutritionist and Breastfeeding Consultant (IBCLC). She is the mother of four, and now grandma of one darling little girl who is breastfed. Her passion is helping women overcome breastfeeding challenges so they can enjoy it as long as they want to.


 Here are more posts by the Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival participants! Check back because more will be added throughout the day.


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Babywearing, Disaster Prep, & the Importance of Dads

Christy Porucznik 2Do you have a sling ?  Do you know how to use it?!  Wish you could make one yourself so it’s one-of-kind and doesn’t break the bank?  Why so much fuss about “babywearing?”  What does it mean and why should I give it a whirl?  Come to Babywearing: Tips on How to Sling Your Baby and learn new ways carry your baby — and new reasons you’ll be happy you did.  We’ll meet inside the Cafe from 10 – 11 am with different baby carrier styles on hand to check out.  A great idea to explore if you’re pregnant and planning ahead, an urgent need if you’re sore from carrying a big baby on your hip –or in a bucket.  Meet in the Cafe!

From 12 noon until 1 pm we are  presenting Infant Feeding in Times of Disaster in the auditorium (east end of atrium).  We can’t plan disasters but we can plan our reactions and preparations!  Come enjoy some food for thought.  Is your family ready for disaster?  Will you be the one in your neighborhood with a plan?!

Dad plays a huge part in the success of the breastfeeding relationship.  Bring the whole family this evening for Father’s Role in Breastfeeding with La Leche League of Salt Lake City.  Join some of the best dads in Salt Lake from 7 – 8:30 pm in Room A on the lower level (take the atrium stairs across from the Cafe).

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Expectant Moms’ Circle, Crochet a Sling

Come be crafty, we’re crocheting slings from 10 am until 12 noon!  Our Expectant Moms’ Circle meets our annual Crochet a Sling workshop today.  Of course you don’t need to be crafty to come hang out and chat with other moms.  But if you’d like to try your hand at a sling…  An experienced mom and grandmother are are teaming up to help us crochet cotton slings — perfect for hot summer days.  This is a great project for expectant moms or expectant grand-moms and aunts, no experience necessary.  If you enjoy wearing your baby and could use an extra sling, by all means pull up a chair.  recycled-cotton-yarn-lg

You’ll need the following materials:

2 skeins or balls of worsted weight cotton (Lion or Kitchen or similar brand, 236 yards, 5 ounces each — total of 472 yards in 2 balls).  This really does need to be cotton, not wool or acrylic.

Size Q crochet hook (this is a very large hook).

Hope to see you in the Cafe!

Nibbles courtesy of The Tin Angel.


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