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Silent Auction – August 6th 2012


“Nursing Mother of the Pink Camellias” Kathy Grossman

Participate in our silent auction bid on your favorite item. This year we have; Two beautiful paintings from Kathy Grossman, Nursing On The Porch and Nursing Mothers of the Pink Camelliasa Hand Knitted Lamb w/ Dress, a Soaker Organic Merino Wool Blue 0-6m, a Soaker Organic Merino Wool Pink 0-6mMini Potrait Session with Landslide PhotographyOne 10 week Session of Music Together from Imagination PlaceTwo single Anti-Gravity Yoga Classes from Imagination Place, a SleepyWrap from NAP Inc.5 coupons to Thai Lotus, a $15 Gift Card to Les Madeleines, a $25 gift card to Liberty Heights Fresh, a $20 gift card to Earth Goods, and a Private Lactation Consult with Karin Hardman, IBCLC.

Highlight activities for the café: Come and join the new moms circle from 10-12 pm socialize and share your experiences of motherhood and breastfeeding in a friendly environment . Heidi rich will be presenting and exciting topic Parent sign language join us for this informative event.

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Blog Carnival

This year’s blog carnival will be handled in this manner: it will run from July 16- 31, we have 16 GUEST bloggers, they will post on the main site each day at the Breastfeeding Cafe, if you would also like to post on this topic you can post a link to your blog in the comments section of said post.


 Blog Carnival Topics:

There are many customs around the world that bond mother and child, none so much as the bond of breastfeeding. In all ages past, breastfeeding has been the norm and we can look to points in history when things changed, even seeing WHY there has been a shift away from breastfeeding, which was never the initial intent. This year’s Breastfeeding Cafe theme is “Breastfeeding Time Machine: Age Old Wisdom to feed the future.” We can look to many other cultures and our own, to see the effects of this age old wisdom, and a return to “how things once were.” Our topics will be focused on this theme as it relates to our culture, other cultures around the world with regards to birth practices, baby wearing, nursing in public, weaning ages/stories, our own experience as breastfed (or not) infants/children, what we’ve learned from mothers before us, what we are teaching those we influence in our lives, how our own wisdom through nursing has changed from one child to the next, how night time parenting effects breastfeeding, and how breastfeeding has helped you to make choices about your family’s values surrounding parenting, which could even include decisions about work, school, nutrition, etc. Thank you for participating! I would also LOVE to see some of us talking to our own mothers/grandmothers, older women around us, to get perspective on this “age old wisdom.”

July 16th: Share your birth experience and how you feel it shaped your first breastfeeding experience, or experiences with each child. Talk with your mother or grandmother, and hear other birth stories (share them too).

 July 17th: What was your first nursing in public experience? How did this shape your view of breastfeeding and your breastfeeding relationship with your child? Did your mother or grandmother have the same types of experiences?

July 18th: Wordless Wednesday Nursing Photos PLEASE be sure to include photos of your grandmothers or mothers nursing, if you have them!

July 19th: Babywearing is common in many parts of the world and has been for centuries. Do you wear your baby? Why? Have you found it has an effect on your breastfeeding relationship? Did someone else suggest you wear your baby? Did you observe babywearing before becoming a mother? Did your mother or grandmother ever practice baby wearing?

July 20th: Night Time parenting is a big part of breastfeeding, especially in the early months (and continuing for years sometimes). What does sleep look like in your family? Did you have a similar sleeping arrangement with your own parents? What were your feelings surrounding safety and security at night while growing up? Were there people in your life who encouraged you to choose your sleeping arrangement?

 July 21st: Weaning is such a personal choice for each family. In many cultures around the world, children are allowed to choose the time of their weaning, which can be up to 7 or 8 years old. Did you nurse into toddler or childhood yourself? If weaning has or is taking place with your child, what does it look like? Did you expect this?

July 22nd: Were you breastfed as a child? What about your mother?  What obstacles did your mother/grandmother face? What was the public opinions? Family opinion? Factors for not breastfeeding, if this was the case? What was the medical opinion at the time? How long was “normal?” Did your mother or grandmother influence you to breastfeed your own child/ren

July 23rd: Wisdom may be passed down to us from prior generations or just from friends who have already been there. Did you receive any “sage” wisdom from a mother in your life, prior to becoming one yourself? Not all people are so bold as to share their wisdom, what INFLUENCES in your life lead to your decision to breastfeed your child/ren? Was breastfeeding something you saw in your family? What were your feelings about breastfeeding before nursing your own babies?

July 24th: Male perspective day: Talk with (or ask him as a guest blogger) your partner, your father (or ask your mother what your father thought), or another man who has experience with observing breastfeeding (at close range) and get his perspective on social pressures, wisdom, feelings about breastfeeding before becoming a father, what he’s learned, importance of breastfeeding for his family, etc.

 July 25th: Wordless Wednesday Baby Wearing 

 July 26th: We all knew EXACTLY what type of mother we’d be before we became one, right? How has becoming a mother changed your views of motherhood? Have you made different decisions about your family values? About duration of your nursing relationship? Your sleeping situation? School? Work? Nutrition?

July 27th: We all know someone who feels like no one ever “warned” them what life would be like during pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, early weeks of sleeplessness, toddlerhood, etc. What parenting and breastfeeding wisdom have you shared?

July 28th: Why is breastfeeding Important to YOU and your family?

July 29th: Have you nursed in special circumstances? Did you feel supported or like you were paving your own path? If your circumstance included a lot of medical procedures and staff, did you get interesting, strange or just BAD advice from medical staff? Family members? Or did you have support? Where would you encourage moms to go if they were in a similar situation?

July 30th: If you have more than one child, how have you become wiser :)? How did your first nursing experience shape your thoughts, ideas, plans, views, etc for your future nursing experiences?

July 31st: Prior Generation Day: interview someone, or ask someone to guest blog on your own blog today, who breastfed a child in a generation prior to yours and share their story (you can change names to protect the innocent). Find out about the medical opinions, cultural opinion, family opinion, social views of the time and especially how THAT mother felt about breastfeeding her baby!

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The 2010 Breastfeeding Cafe and Our Baby Friendly Communtiy Lives On!

The Utah Breastfeeding Coalition’s Fifth Annual Breastfeeding Cafe has wrapped up at the Salt Lake Main Library. Remarkably though, the Cafe will live on with the Baby Friendly Community Project we initiated through the Cafe this year. Not only can we see the International Breastfeeding Symbol all over town, but The Utah Breastfeeding Coalition has received a subcontract through The Landscape of Breastfeeding Support to document the Baby Friendly Community Project! This is a special project through the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and The United States Breastfeeding Committee to “identify and showcase exemplary local commitment to supporting breastfeeding mothers and babies, utilizing the services of a professional photojournalist”. Two of the photographers who donated work to our first photo gallery held at the Cafe, Timbra Wiist and Katrina Anderson, will be working on the project. We are so excited that our Baby Friendly Community will be receiving more attention along with our talented photographers and the Breastfeeding Cafe itself. Lastly, without the work of Jeana Jones and Christy Porucznik, the Baby Friendly Community would not have been such a sucess. Thank you!

And speaking of our photo gallery, thanks goes out again to our photographers who participated in this year’s photo gallery: Katrina Anderson of Red Bean Photography; Alisha Stamper, photographer; and Timbra Wiist of Landslide Photography. Be sure to check out their photography on their websites!

We would also like to thank once again Kathy Grossman who made her third contribution to the Cafe in the form of the beautiful painting Mother, Child, Daffodils. Also, congratulations to Heidi Lewis who was the lucky winner of the silent auction of the painting. See more of Kathy’s beautiful work at

Despite only having a two-week Cafe, our event coordinator, Amanda Nederostek, kept a full schedule of classes and special events for Cafe visitors. This year we did the first ever Baby Wearing Fashion Show, coordinated by Darliegh Webb. Pictures of the fashion show can be seen here. Additionally, we had classes on Photographing Your Baby, Protecting Birth Options, Baby Wearing, Herbs and Breastfeeding, and Infant Massage. As usual, we had our New Mothers Circles, Expectant Mothers Circles, Ask an RD, and Ask an IBCLC, which are always popular events.

Of course, staffing the Cafe is always the greatest challenge. Thanks so much to our Volunteer Coordinator, Meghan Johnston and the forty-four volunteers that she trained and scheduled. Without the volunteers the support of the Cafe would not be available to the community. These are dedicated people who really believe in the mission of the Cafe. Be sure to come back next year, volunteers! We will always need you!

Although the Cafe is over, you can always revisit our Blogging Carnival right here on this website. Thanks again go to our Marketing Coordinator, Claire Lindstrom for putting the Blogging Carnival together! Here’s hoping that next year we can continue this new tradition of hearing mother’s experiences from our own community and from our global community.

Speaking of next year: it is already time to start thinking and planning. The Breastfeeding Cafe will need a new chair, and positions on the planning committee will need to be filled. Without dedicated people stepping in and stepping up, this important community project will not happen. Please consider what the Breastfeeding Cafe and Baby Friendly Community means to you and to mothers in need of support and community! Contact me at if you are interested in chairing the 2011 Breastfeeding Cafe!

Lastly, I would like to recognize the 2010 Breastfeeding Cafe planning committee and volunteers one more time. The hard work, creativity, and dedication of these people made this year’s Cafe possible:

Melissa Knighton, Chair
Meghan Johnston, Volunteer Coordinator
Amanda Nederostek, Event Coordinator
Claire Lindstrom, Marking Coordinator
Jeana Jones, Library Liaison
Christy Porucznik, Media Coordinator
Website, Susan Johnson
Darliegh Webb, Baby Wearing Fashion Show
Cafe Design: Katrina Anderson, Kathy Grossman, Alisha Stamper, Timbra Wiist
And most important of all:
Volunteers: THANK YOU!

See you next year!

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Expectant Moms & Massage

120px-Red_Gerber_DaisyOur Expectant Moms Circle meets 10 am until12 noon with Utah Prenatal Massage joining us for the second hour at 11 am.  Come relax in the Cafe!

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New Moms’ Circle & Volunteers’ Reception

Cafe 5sOnce again, it’s Friday in the Cafe and time for our New Moms’ Circle.  Drop in anytime between 10 am and 12 noon — it’s okay to be late, you’re a new mom!  If you’re feeling not-so-new but love to hang out with other moms and babies, please join the circle to add your experience and insight to the mix.  This is the place to show off your little one and to take a deep breath in the welcoming circle of motherhood.  New mom Claire and baby Dea host our Friday circles so come introduce yourself — we’re all in this together!

Volunteer Reception

It has taken a lot of volunteers to host our annual month-long celebration, and we are thankful to each and every one.  If you’ve been volunteering come on back for our Volunteers’ Reception and celebrate a wonderful month of new friends and community.  We are delighted that  The Tin Angel Cafe, a local and scrumptious eatery, will present light refreshments for us and for our families.  Please join us in the Cafe from 4 – 6 pm.


Thank you, thank you, thank you —

to our volunteers and sponsors,

and to Salt Lake City for your welcoming spirit!


Who are these volunteers and how can you join us next year?  Come introduce yourself to Melissa or visit our 2010 Volunteer Opportunities page.  If you are just catching up with us at the end of August, we have a few more days in the Cafe, so please join us!

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Expectant Moms’ Circle, IBCLC, & Wildflowers Offer a Bluegrass Concert

The topic this morning for the Expectant Moms’ Circle is “Employed AND Breastfeeding — Making it Work!” Come to chat, and to pick up or maybe share a few tips.  If this is your second time around, please come to share your wisdom!  We will meet from 10 am until 12 noon in the Cafe.

We’ll also have an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) on hand from 11 am until 1 pm.  Do you have questions about milk supply?  Latch?   Do you just want to double-check  you’re on the right track?  Ask an IBCLC!



86px-Old_violinThis afternoon we have a lovely and lively concert in store.  The Wildflowers are bluegrass fiddlers and singers, a mother and four daughters playing traditonal favorites and more.  Come for a relaxing treat in the Library Auditorium on the atrium level, from 3 – 4 pm.  You may have heard the Wildflowers over the years at local farmers markets or other venues, we are delighted to have them join us in celebration of the ordinary and extraordinary joys of breastfeeding.  Bring the kids and take a break from the heat in the cool of the auditorium for some great fiddling.  This concert, like all Breastfeeding Cafe events, is free and open to the public.  Tell the neighbors!  Bring friends!

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Moms’ Circle, Meds & Safety, Massage


It’s Friday so our New Moms’ Circle gathers from 10 am until 12 noon.  This morning the Pregnancy Risk Line is visiting to address any concerns about medications and other safety concerns while breastfeeding.  The Pregnancy Risk Line is a wonderful resource for in our community during pregnancy but also during the months to come when your baby is in arms and at the breast.   Questions or not, come hang out with friendly faces and enjoy a baby date at the Cafe.  Look for Claire and baby Dea and introduce yourself!

How can massage become a safe and healthy part of your prenatal lifestyle?  Utah Prenatal Massage visits to discuss ways massage can support your massage2pregnancy and prepare for a healthy birth.  Massage has also been known to enhance milk expression and relax new moms!  Look for our visiting massage therapist from 3 – 4 pm in Room A, on the lower level.  (Take the atrium steps directly across from the Cafe.)

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Expectant Moms’ Circle, Crochet a Sling

Come be crafty, we’re crocheting slings from 10 am until 12 noon!  Our Expectant Moms’ Circle meets our annual Crochet a Sling workshop today.  Of course you don’t need to be crafty to come hang out and chat with other moms.  But if you’d like to try your hand at a sling…  An experienced mom and grandmother are are teaming up to help us crochet cotton slings — perfect for hot summer days.  This is a great project for expectant moms or expectant grand-moms and aunts, no experience necessary.  If you enjoy wearing your baby and could use an extra sling, by all means pull up a chair.  recycled-cotton-yarn-lg

You’ll need the following materials:

2 skeins or balls of worsted weight cotton (Lion or Kitchen or similar brand, 236 yards, 5 ounces each — total of 472 yards in 2 balls).  This really does need to be cotton, not wool or acrylic.

Size Q crochet hook (this is a very large hook).

Hope to see you in the Cafe!

Nibbles courtesy of The Tin Angel.


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New Moms’ Circle & IBCLC

Kestrel LiedtkeNew baby?  Could you use a morning out with your little one?  Come network and share a laugh (or cry!) with other mothers who understand the ups and downs of life with baby.  Claire and baby Dea are greeting other new moms in the New Moms’ Circle every Friday morning from 10 am until 12 noon.  Give yourself the pleasure of a morning out in good company!

We have an IBCLC this morning for our New Moms’ Circle, 10 am – 12 noon!

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New Moms’ Circle

110_adele_nicole_volunteering_at_bfcafeToday in the Cafe we would love to have you visit the New Moms’ Circle.  Drop in anytime between 10 am and 12 noon — it’s okay to be late, you’re a new mom!  If you’re feeling not-so-new but love to hang out with other moms and babies, please join the circle to add your experience and insight to the mix.  Bring a brag, or a rag, or maybe you have show-and-tell to share.  This is the place to show off your little one and to take a deep breath in the welcoming circle of motherhood.  New mom Claire and baby Dea are hosting our Friday circles so introduce yourself — we’re all in this together!

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