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Natural Childbirth & Baby Signs

Pearl Midwifery is in the Cafe from 10 – 11 am to leave a conversation on Natural Childbirth.  Come chat about pregnancy and childbirth, with women who care as much as you do about welcoming your baby in a gentle, nurturing environment.

welcome_s2m2From 4 – 5 pm, have fun with your baby learning to sign.  Sign 2 Me uses standard American Sign Language (ASL) to introduce babies and their families to easy ways to communicate in the busy days before other language.  Join us for Baby Signs that everyone understands!

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Infant Massage, IBCLC, & Baby Signs

infantToday we are massaging babies!  A massage therapist from Utah Prenatal Massage will guide us in the sweet slippery art of infant massage, 1-2 pm.  Please bring your favorite baby (newborn to 9 months), a towel, and a waterproof pad.  Massage oil will be provided.

Questions for an IBCLC?  Drop by between 3 and 5pm and ask away!

Do you wish you could help your baby communicate more easily?  Join us for Baby Signs in the Cafe from 4 – 5 pm.   Don’t forget your baby!

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