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The 2010 Breastfeeding Cafe and Our Baby Friendly Communtiy Lives On!

The Utah Breastfeeding Coalition’s Fifth Annual Breastfeeding Cafe has wrapped up at the Salt Lake Main Library. Remarkably though, the Cafe will live on with the Baby Friendly Community Project we initiated through the Cafe this year. Not only can we see the International Breastfeeding Symbol all over town, but The Utah Breastfeeding Coalition has received a subcontract through The Landscape of Breastfeeding Support to document the Baby Friendly Community Project! This is a special project through the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and The United States Breastfeeding Committee to “identify and showcase exemplary local commitment to supporting breastfeeding mothers and babies, utilizing the services of a professional photojournalist”. Two of the photographers who donated work to our first photo gallery held at the Cafe, Timbra Wiist and Katrina Anderson, will be working on the project. We are so excited that our Baby Friendly Community will be receiving more attention along with our talented photographers and the Breastfeeding Cafe itself. Lastly, without the work of Jeana Jones and Christy Porucznik, the Baby Friendly Community would not have been such a sucess. Thank you!

And speaking of our photo gallery, thanks goes out again to our photographers who participated in this year’s photo gallery: Katrina Anderson of Red Bean Photography; Alisha Stamper, photographer; and Timbra Wiist of Landslide Photography. Be sure to check out their photography on their websites!

We would also like to thank once again Kathy Grossman who made her third contribution to the Cafe in the form of the beautiful painting Mother, Child, Daffodils. Also, congratulations to Heidi Lewis who was the lucky winner of the silent auction of the painting. See more of Kathy’s beautiful work at

Despite only having a two-week Cafe, our event coordinator, Amanda Nederostek, kept a full schedule of classes and special events for Cafe visitors. This year we did the first ever Baby Wearing Fashion Show, coordinated by Darliegh Webb. Pictures of the fashion show can be seen here. Additionally, we had classes on Photographing Your Baby, Protecting Birth Options, Baby Wearing, Herbs and Breastfeeding, and Infant Massage. As usual, we had our New Mothers Circles, Expectant Mothers Circles, Ask an RD, and Ask an IBCLC, which are always popular events.

Of course, staffing the Cafe is always the greatest challenge. Thanks so much to our Volunteer Coordinator, Meghan Johnston and the forty-four volunteers that she trained and scheduled. Without the volunteers the support of the Cafe would not be available to the community. These are dedicated people who really believe in the mission of the Cafe. Be sure to come back next year, volunteers! We will always need you!

Although the Cafe is over, you can always revisit our Blogging Carnival right here on this website. Thanks again go to our Marketing Coordinator, Claire Lindstrom for putting the Blogging Carnival together! Here’s hoping that next year we can continue this new tradition of hearing mother’s experiences from our own community and from our global community.

Speaking of next year: it is already time to start thinking and planning. The Breastfeeding Cafe will need a new chair, and positions on the planning committee will need to be filled. Without dedicated people stepping in and stepping up, this important community project will not happen. Please consider what the Breastfeeding Cafe and Baby Friendly Community means to you and to mothers in need of support and community! Contact me at if you are interested in chairing the 2011 Breastfeeding Cafe!

Lastly, I would like to recognize the 2010 Breastfeeding Cafe planning committee and volunteers one more time. The hard work, creativity, and dedication of these people made this year’s Cafe possible:

Melissa Knighton, Chair
Meghan Johnston, Volunteer Coordinator
Amanda Nederostek, Event Coordinator
Claire Lindstrom, Marking Coordinator
Jeana Jones, Library Liaison
Christy Porucznik, Media Coordinator
Website, Susan Johnson
Darliegh Webb, Baby Wearing Fashion Show
Cafe Design: Katrina Anderson, Kathy Grossman, Alisha Stamper, Timbra Wiist
And most important of all:
Volunteers: THANK YOU!

See you next year!

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Are You Expecting?

The Breastfeeding Cafe has a lot of offerings for expectant mothers!

Today (Thursday), from 1 to 2, Midwife Jen Martin will be available for some one-on-one conversation. Ask her your questions!

On Friday, we have Midwife Rebecca McCinnis visiting to talk about Birth Options and the State of Birth in the US. Even if you are not expecting, come listen to what is going on in the area of birth alternatives – there are some important things you should know about!

Our Expectant Mothers’ Circle is Saturday from 10 to 12. Come chat with other mothers who are expecting and meet some new friends!

See you there!
Melissa Knighton
2010 Cafe Chair

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Mother, Child, Daffodils ~ Beauty and Fundraising ~ Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week!

Silent Auction!

Have you seen the beautiful piece of artwork currently displayed at the Breastfeeding Cafe? You or your organization have the opportunity to display this magnificent representation of a breastfeeding mother and child in your home or place of business! Kathy Grossman, the talented artist who created this piece, has generously donated it to the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition for silent auction. Come to the cafe to place your bid!

Mini Portrait Sessions!

In addition to Mother, Child, Daffodils, you may have noticed our portrait gallery at the Breastfeeding Cafe. One of our talented photographers, Timbra Wiist, is offering you to opportunity to have your portrait taken with your nursling! These priceless images are so important for moms and children – after all, our nursing journey does not last forever. Don’t miss the chance to capture it forever and support La Leche League of Murray. Details can be found at the cafe or on La Leche League of Murray’s

Below are the times and places of these mini portrait sessions. Please contact Timbra Wiist at to RSVP for this fundraiser.

~Murray Park Wednesday August 4th 4pm-7pm (Outdoor)
~Private Home in Sandy Thursday August 5th 1pm-4pm (Indoor/Outdoor) (Thursday proceeds will be split with LLL of Sandy)
~Liberty Park Friday August 6th 3pm-6pm (Outdoor)

Further location details will be given through private email at time of RSVP

Minimum donation for Mini Breastfeeding Portrait Session is $20 and includes 5-10 Full Resolution digital images (emailed or uploaded to a photo purchasing site)

Snacks provided and additional donations for WBW appreciated.

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2010 Breastfeeding Cafe: June Meeting

Greetings Breastfeeding Cafe Fans!

Here we are! Almost July so the 2010 Breastfeeding Cafe is a little over a month away.

Wait. No it’s not! We are starting early this year!

Starting July 18th the Breastfeeding Cafe will be hosting a Blog Carnival. For two weeks, each day, we will have a different breastfeeding related topic and a guest blogger posting on this blog. We will also invite other bloggers to post about the topic and we will link to their blog. Have a blog? This is your chance to become involved! You can post on all of the topics or just some of the topics. The point is to discover our Baby Friendly Community online! Stay tuned for more info on our Blog Carnival.

We have started soliciting local businesses and organizations to participate in our Baby Friendly Community. All they have to do is display the International Breastfeeding Symbol (provided by the Utah Breastfeeding Colalition) at their place of business (or online, if that is how they contact their patrons). We will display their logo, or a photo of the International Breastfeeding Symbol on location, at the Cafe and on our website. This is such a powerful way for local businesses and organizations to declare themselves Baby Friendly. Please let me know if you have a business or organization who would like to participate!

Our volunteer coordinator Meghan is going to start contacting people to fill volunteer shifts and help out with special events. If you would like to be one of our volunteers please contact her at:

The Official 2010 Breastfeeding Cafe Kickoff event will be Thursday July 29th from 6:00 to 9:00 at the Alumni Hall at University of Utah’s Spencer F. and Cleone P. Eccles Health Sciences Education Building. Find out all you need to know about what Baby Friendly means. Please plan to attend!

As usual, we have plenty to do! Please contact me if you would like to help out with the planning of the 2010 Breastfeeding Cafe or if you have any questions.


Melissa Knighton (

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2010 Breastfeeding Cafe: Exciting News from our May Planning Meeting


Greetings Cafe Enthusiasts!

Exciting things are happening as we plan for the 2010 Breastfeeding Cafe. We held our last planning meeting on Thursday, May 27th. At this meeting I was pleased to introduce our Marketing Coordinator: Claire Lindstrom. Claire led the New Mother’s Circle at the 2009 Breastfeeding Cafe and jumped at the chance to take on a larger role for the 2010 Breastfeeding Cafe.

This year we are going to be using more electronic communication to further the reach of the Cafe. Starting July 18th, and everyday during the two weeks leading up to the Cafe, we are going to hold a Blog Carnival. During this time we will invite bloggers to blog about different topics related to our theme: Breastfeeding Cafe: A Baby-Friendly Community. We will have a different topic every day. Additionally, we will invite guest writers to post on our own blog. If you are interested in particiapting (you don’t even need a blog!) please let us know! Also please look for the Breastfeeding Cafe on Facebook and Twitter!

And as for the actual, physical cafe, planning is well underway. Exciting new ideas that are being tossed around: babywearing fashion show and professional and amateur breastfeeding portrait galleries. If either of these sounds so intriguing that you can’t wait to hear more, don’t hesitate to contact us to get involved!

And speaking of our community, do you know of a business or organization that would/should/does support breastfeeding? If so, we would love to give them an International Breastfeeding Symbol to post in their window or office. In exchange we will list them as a supporter both on our blog and in the physical Cafe space.

Please plan to attend our Breastfeeding Cafe: A Baby-Friendly Community Kick-Off Event July 29th from 6 to 8. More details to follow.

Remember, you can still submit your “steps” that make-up your Baby-Friendly Community. We will be display the Ten-Steps that we, as a Breastfeeding Community, feel are most important in the Cafe. This is an easy way to get involved!

If any of the above interests you, please contact me, Melissa Knighton at

Next Planning Meeting: June 24th  11:00, Two Creeks Coffee House: 502 E 3rd Ave, SLC (immediately following LLL of SLC’s Cafe Day).



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2010 Breastfeeding Cafe: We have a theme and a committee!

Greetings Breastfeeding Cafe Enthusiasts,

We just held our first planning meeting for the 2010 Breastfeeding Cafe. I am excited to report that the theme for this year’s Cafe is: Breastfeeding Cafe: A Baby-Friendly Community.

As in the past, our Cafe coincides with World Breastfeeding Week, which is an event by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action. Their theme this year: Breastfeeding: Just 10 Steps! The Baby Friendly Way, highlights the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, of which our own University of Utah Hospital has recently become a part of. For the purposes of the Breastfeeding Cafe, we wanted to expand that theme to recognize that our Baby-Friendly community extends beyond the hospital, as breastfeeding continues and becomes a part of a family’s everyday life.

Action Item: To expand upon our theme, we want to create our own 10 Steps, to define what A Baby-Friendly Community means to us. Therefore, for our next meeting, we are asking folks who would like to be involved to submit a “step” that is important to them in creating their Baby-Friendly Community. This could be something like “Attending La Leche League Meetings” or “Having Grandma over to clean the house so I could focus on breastfeeding” or “Working with my employer to create a schedule and place for pumping”.  If you have a step you think would be helpful in building our list, please leave a comment here or e-mail me (Melissa Knighton) at

Also accomplished at our meeting: we now have an almost complete committee. I am pleased to announce the 2010 Breastfeeding Cafe Committee:

Chair: Melissa Knighton

Volunteer Coordinator: Meghan Johnston

*Education Chair: Amanda Nederostek

*Marketing Coordinator: Available

Cafe Design Coordinator: Sonya Fowles

Website Coordinator: Susan Johnson

*Media Coordinator: Christy Porucznik

Library Liaison: Jeana Jones

*Cafe Activity Coordinator: Available

Additional Support: Kathy Grossman, Kristy Langdon-Brown, Darliegh Webb

You will notice that we still have two important positions available: Marketing Coordinator and Cafe Activity Coordinator. It is important that we get these positions filled as soon as possible so we can move forward in these areas. Additionally, we would like to build teams around the positions marked with *. If you are interested in being involved in the planning or would like to be a part of a specific team, please let us know!

Next Breastfeeding Cafe planning meeting: Thursday, April 22nd; 10:00 am; Main Library, 2nd floor, northeast corner of second floor. Questions? Contact Melissa Knighton at or 801-870-8593 or leave a comment.

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2010 Breastfeeding Cafe Planning Meeting

If you are interested in helping plan the fifth annual Breastfeeding Cafe this is your chance! We will be meeting March 26th, 10:00 am at the Salt Lake City Main Library in the Atrium. Children are welcome. Please fill free to join us! We will be building committees and assigning chairs. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me at We look forward to seeing you there!

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