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Opening Day!

Please join us, today and every day, live downtown in the Salt Lake City Main Public Library.  Check out the Events Calendar (click our icon, Blue Mother and Child, by local artist Kathy Grossman) for special events of interest, or just pop down to enjoy the photographs, chat with our wonderful volunteers, or nurse a baby in good company.


Looking for the Blog Carnival?  Check out our two weeks of daily topics (archived below) and feel free let our bloggers know what you think!

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The Normal Course of Breastfeeding

This morning we will hold a final and fitting presentation:  The Normal Course of Breastfeeding in the Cafe from 10 until 11 am.  You are welcome to come for a friendly presentation and linger to chat.

Cafe 3sIt has been a wonderful month in the Cafe and we are delighted to see how well the Salt Lake City community welcomes and supports breastfeeding families.  Thank you for joining us!

We invite you to consider joining the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition and introduce your own ideas and energy.   Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page and consider attending the next Coalition meeting.  Wherever you are this week, we hope you will notice the ways breastfeeding touches us all!

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Ask an IBCLC

kai xIt’s Sunday and once more you are invited to … Ask an IBCLC from 1 until 5 pm in the Cafe.  Bring your questions, your partner, your girlfriend, or the newest grandma on the block, we welcome questions from everyone in a baby’s life!

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Expectant Moms & Massage

120px-Red_Gerber_DaisyOur Expectant Moms Circle meets 10 am until12 noon with Utah Prenatal Massage joining us for the second hour at 11 am.  Come relax in the Cafe!

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New Moms’ Circle & Volunteers’ Reception

Cafe 5sOnce again, it’s Friday in the Cafe and time for our New Moms’ Circle.  Drop in anytime between 10 am and 12 noon — it’s okay to be late, you’re a new mom!  If you’re feeling not-so-new but love to hang out with other moms and babies, please join the circle to add your experience and insight to the mix.  This is the place to show off your little one and to take a deep breath in the welcoming circle of motherhood.  New mom Claire and baby Dea host our Friday circles so come introduce yourself — we’re all in this together!

Volunteer Reception

It has taken a lot of volunteers to host our annual month-long celebration, and we are thankful to each and every one.  If you’ve been volunteering come on back for our Volunteers’ Reception and celebrate a wonderful month of new friends and community.  We are delighted that  The Tin Angel Cafe, a local and scrumptious eatery, will present light refreshments for us and for our families.  Please join us in the Cafe from 4 – 6 pm.


Thank you, thank you, thank you —

to our volunteers and sponsors,

and to Salt Lake City for your welcoming spirit!


Who are these volunteers and how can you join us next year?  Come introduce yourself to Melissa or visit our 2010 Volunteer Opportunities page.  If you are just catching up with us at the end of August, we have a few more days in the Cafe, so please join us!

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Babywearing, Disaster Prep, & the Importance of Dads

Christy Porucznik 2Do you have a sling ?  Do you know how to use it?!  Wish you could make one yourself so it’s one-of-kind and doesn’t break the bank?  Why so much fuss about “babywearing?”  What does it mean and why should I give it a whirl?  Come to Babywearing: Tips on How to Sling Your Baby and learn new ways carry your baby — and new reasons you’ll be happy you did.  We’ll meet inside the Cafe from 10 – 11 am with different baby carrier styles on hand to check out.  A great idea to explore if you’re pregnant and planning ahead, an urgent need if you’re sore from carrying a big baby on your hip –or in a bucket.  Meet in the Cafe!

From 12 noon until 1 pm we are  presenting Infant Feeding in Times of Disaster in the auditorium (east end of atrium).  We can’t plan disasters but we can plan our reactions and preparations!  Come enjoy some food for thought.  Is your family ready for disaster?  Will you be the one in your neighborhood with a plan?!

Dad plays a huge part in the success of the breastfeeding relationship.  Bring the whole family this evening for Father’s Role in Breastfeeding with La Leche League of Salt Lake City.  Join some of the best dads in Salt Lake from 7 – 8:30 pm in Room A on the lower level (take the atrium stairs across from the Cafe).

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Infant CPR & Nutrition Chat

From 11  – 12 noon we are offering an overview of Infant CPR, courtesy of the University of Utah Medical Center.  Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere.  How ready are you?

120px-Romanesco_BroccoliAnd since it’s Wednesday, let’s Ask an RD!  Bring your nutrition questions, big or small, on behalf of anyone in the family.  Come quiz the registered dietition in the Cafe from 3 – 5 pm while you take a break in a rocker.


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Infant Massage & Emergency Prep

infantUtah Prenatal Massage returns to the Cafe this morning to guide us in Infant Massage from 10 – 11 am. Please bring your favorite baby (newborn to 9 months), a towel, and a waterproof pad.  Massage oil will be provided.  Come for a relaxing morning with babies!

Be Ready Utah is presenting Emergency Preparedness from 3 – 4 pm in Room A on the lower level (take the atrium steps directly across from the Cafe). Are you ready?  What does it take to be ready in Utah?  Come find out !

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Birth Prep & Photographing Baby

“How to Protect Breastfeeding at Birth” meets from 10 – 11 am in the Cafe.  Get some great tips from a certified childbirth educator from the University of Utah, Utah’s first and only Baby Friendly hospital.  Are you familiar with the 10 Steps to Successful Breastfeeding?  Even if your birth center or hospital isn’t “Baby Friendly,” you can make your birth baby friendly with a little care and planning.

Local photographer Alisha Stamper is offering a workshop for new parents, “How to Get Better Photographs of Your Baby.” Meet in the Cafe from 11 am until 12 noon.  Bring your camera — and your baby!  Expectant parents and grandparents also welcome — there will be babies on hand to practice with if you are still “expecting!”


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Ask an IBCLC

476px-Cassatt_Mary_Baby_John_Being_Nursed_1910Breastfeeding is an art.  What works for one mother or one child may not work for another.  But there is always another way, another movement or shift that helps everything fall into place.

All afternoon we will have an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) on hand to address your concerns about breastfeeding.  Big or small, all questions deserve serious answers so drop by and ask away.  We’re in the Cafe every Sunday, 1 – 5 pm.

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