What has helped you reach your breastfeeding goals?

Today’s topic is focused on what helped you reach your breastfeeding goals? Is there a particular product out there that helped you to breastfeed? Maybe an SNS system that kept your baby at the breast or a pillow that helped you through those late nights. Tell us your must have!

We have a wonderful article sharing Sweet Oatmeal Lactation cookies provided by the Natural Parents Network.

Making milk is a full-time process, so why not reward yourself with a sweet treat that will likewise help provide your body with the nutrients necessary to whip up batch after batch of Mama Juice? There are numerous sources that cite the benefit of oats and flax in the production of milk, and healthy amounts of fats and sugars are necessary to produce to nutritionally complete milk. To learn more click HERE

Monkey Baby Wrap Blog shared a wonderful story as well on what helped this blogging mom through her breastfeeding journey and how she reached her goals…

In previous posts on similar topics I have talked about how without the forbidden nipple shield (I say this because so many are VERY against nipple shields) I would not have been able to breastfeed my first son at all. I think the most powerful tool though that has helped me was having a support network as well as making sure to keep lots of snacks and water handy to keep me going. To read more click HERE

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