Non-traditional Support.

Today’s topic is focused on non-traditional support. We all know how our world is
changing. Has someone helped you through the internet? Is there a book you
read to get breastfeeding answers? Be creative!

There are so many different outlets available for mothers breastfeeding and one of those outlets is the internet. Just google breastfeeding support and you are given so many helpful links. There are groups built on social media with a main focus to support mothers, answer questions and give helpful tips.

During your pregnancy books become an expecting mothers best friend at times. There are so many helpful books available online, in your local library and possibly sitting in the waiting room at your doctors office.

We want to hear from you, what was your non-traditional support during your breastfeeding journey? Email pictures, stories and information to


Thank you to Monkey Baby Wrap Blog for the wonderful tips on Non-traditional Breastfeeding Support! Her suggestions and tips are amazing! Please read below to learn more on what they recommend.

I decided to participate in the Breastfeeding Cafe Blog Carnival on my babywearing blog this year. Why you might ask? Because I believe babywearing supports breastfeeding. I also believe sharing my stories will benefit other mothers and families. You don’t have to be a breastfeeding mother to babywear, however they often go together. I love to support all families babywearing, breastfeeding or not. If you’re interested in seeing my past posts from previous years in this carnival leading up to World Breastfeeding Week please visit my homeschooling blog here.

Today’s topic is non-traditional breastfeeding support. I see traditional breastfeeding support as the support given mother to mother usually by family but often within a community. This can be given from a mother or aunt to daughter/niece, sister to sister, friend to friend, or within a breastfeeding support group such as LLL or Breastfeeding USA. Non-traditional would be anything else-books, websites, blogs, email, trained professionals, etc.

I have received much of my support online and through books over the years. I will list some of my favorites:


Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding Made Simple
I have read many many others but these are on my list of books every mom should check out!
Websites and Blogs

LLLI-Be sure to find your local group for in person support
Breastfeeding USA
Kelly Mom
The Leaky Boob Blog
The Milk Meg Blog
Infant Risk Center (they have a hotline that you can call to check if a medication is safe or not)
The Lactmed Website (be sure to check out their app-I refer to it a lot when I want to check on a medication that I need to take)
LDS Breastfeeding Families Facebook group (This is a group I created specifically for LDS families but like-minded mothers are also welcome as long as they respect beliefs of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints while in the group. The group is not hosted by the Church but was instead created by members)
I have other specialized ones that I really like but chose to list the ones that pertain to all breastfeeding moms.
I also highly recommend if you are having any questions about breastfeeding problems to seek a skilled breastfeeding helper right away. One website to help you to find an IBCLC local to you can be found here. There are other skilled breastfeeding supporters as well, this is not an exhaustive list however IBCLC is the only International recognized credential for lactation specialists.

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