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Let me introduce myself, my name is Laura and I was asked to help with the Carnival and topics this year for the Breastfeeding Cafe. At our last group meeting we decided to only run the Carnival blog for 1 week where in the past we have done it for two. Starting next week our first topic will start! For those of you with blogs, please participate in as many topics as possible (just email me your links to participate and I’ll send you the HTML to add with instructions). For those of you who are going to do guest blogging, please let me know ASAP which topic you would like (and include a second pick too in case your first is gone) and I will email you back confirming that you’re scheduled.

Our theme this year is Working It Out Together. Here are the topics:

Monday, July 27th – Non-traditional support. We all know how our world is changing. Has someone helped you through the internet? Is there a book you read to get breastfeeding answers? Be creative!

Tuesday, July 28th – Share your breastfeeding story? Tell us your story, A supportive partner, helpful friend, organization, etc.? How did they help you?

Wednesday, July 29th – Breastfeeding in public. We all know that life goes on while breastfeeding and leaving the house means breastfeeding in public. Tell us your stories, thoughts, and so on.

Thursday, July 30th – What’s your favorite long-term breastfeeding benefit? We all know that breastfeeding has a whole host of long-term benefits for both baby and mom, which one is your favorite?

Friday, July 31st – What has helped you reach your breastfeeding goals? Is there a particular product out there that helped you to breastfeed? Maybe an SNS system that kept your baby at the breast or a pillow that helped you through those late nights. Tell us your must have!

Saturday, July 23rd – How has breastfeeding changed your life? We know all about the physical benefits of breastfeeding, but what about the emotional side? How has breastfeeding effected you as a person? photos. Share photos of your nursling!

Sunday, August 1st – Then and now: how have your breastfeeding goals changed? Maybe you started off wanting to just try it out and ended up an activist for child-led weaning. Maybe your goals have stayed the same from the beginning. Tell us about it!

If you’re in the area of the Cafe and would like to volunteer, email for more information!


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