Social Media as the New Way to a Support Moms

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IMG_6550 copyWe live in a very interesting time. A time where a whole new means of communication has exploded in a way unlike anything in the past. The time of social media.

A great majority of people have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, some other social site, or more likely a combination of multiple sites. Sharing stories, sharing ourselves, exploring. This is beyond the age of the internet. We actually connect in meaningful ways with other human beings online.

One of those ways to connect is breastfeeding support.

As a breastfeeding blogger, and really just as a patron of the internet, I often come across interesting articles. What do I do with those articles? Share them with others. I have had multiple friends and acquaintances tell me that they first heard of the benefits of breastfeeding through these articles I’ve shared. Maybe they didn’t breastfeed their first child or they were pregnant any on the fence about whether to try, but being given this information changed their views and they saw how important breastfeeding really is.

Another thing you learn from these sites is when someone you know, or often someone you used to know, is expecting a baby. Even if I haven’t seen this soon-to-be-mom in a decade, I always try to offer my support online. Giving them information, showing the resources, and just being someone there to help them in rough times. Often these new moms don’t have the physical support system and I’ve found that I really can make a difference even just as a presence online.

Lastly, these sites have communities within them. I’ve found support and offered it to others through these communities. The biggest source of this for me has been Facebook groups. My groups I’m a part of are often local groups that I can also see in person, but the group is there for asking questions between meetings, furthering friendships through chatting online, and so on. Even when a group is not local though, they can offer an immense amount of support. I’ve found through this pregnancy that my MDC due date club turned Facebook group can offer an incredible amount of sullied to me. I can feel so connected with these women that I feel like I know them, even though I’ve never seen then in real life. Through groups like this we can answer questions, give advice, offer support, and even really connect with other people in a real way. It’s amazing that this is available to us.

So I believe we can make a difference in the lives of fellow breastfeeding moms through social media. We have this whole new avenue to explore and I’m quite enjoying sorting through and finding out how to best take advantage of this new means of communication.

IMG_3201Claire is mama to Peanut (5), Twig (2.5 ), and Banana (due next month) as well as wife, student, biologist, teacher, and more. She blogs at The Adventures of Lactating Girl supporting moms in their breastfeeding goals as well as other crunchy parenting endeavors. In her free time, she loves to read, bake, and knit.

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