Final Day of the Cafe

Today is the very last day of the Cafe.  It could not have been done without the efforts of every single person on this year’s committee!!  Thank you again to the 2013 Breastfeeding Cafe Committee. . .

Timbra: Chairwoman
Renee: Volunteer Coordinator
Cagney: Events Coordinator
Amanda & Katherine: Education Coordinators
Cheryl: Social Media Coordinator
Jeana: Library Liaison
Sondra: Media Liaison
Meghan: UBC President
Claire & Susan: Web design/support
Claire: Blog Carnival, daily posts and silent auction updates
Timbra & Renee: Cafe Design
Katherine & Renee: Family Fun Night coordinators
Timbra ( & Crew & Jessica & Haley & Elizabeth): Professional Networking event (special thanks to everyone on the committee who attended and did chopping and cheese platter arranging and table moving and all other grunt work, and for the ladies who also sent out all of the invites at the very last minute when the Chairwoman had to leave town)
LLL Groups & Other Committee Members: 5 Mini Cafes From Ogden, to Draper and over to Park City too
I know that I missed talking about some of these awesome ladies who supported me through the Cafe planning this year.  In the middle of the Cafe we also had a regional La Leche League conference, which kept me away from daily posts throughout the Cafe.  I appreciate each and every one and all of the hard work put in to this year’s Breastfeeding Cafe and hope that each woman on the Committee knows that.
We would not have had all of the great mini-Cafe locations, family fun night and Professional Networking event held with such ease, had it not been for Cagney who joined the Committee this year and made numerous phone calls to secure locations for us.  She was also responsible for being sure that everyone who was holding a mini-Cafe was registered for the Big Latch On.  She contacted many of our Baby Friendly Businesses  to ask about posting fliers and to request donations for our Silent Auction this year.  It’s no small feat for a busy mom of a toddler to make so many phone calls and drop-ins to locations all over the city!
Sondra was our Media Liaison this year.  She spent lots of time getting our information out to online community calendars, writing up and distributing a press release and even did a video press release for the Cafe.
A huge shout-out to the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition as well.  Meghan is in her first of two years at the President of the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition.  She has been an awesome support for our Committee this year and we really appreciated her involvement (and her little guy’s flexibility in letting his mama tote him around to all of the events).  Please go check out the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition, learn a little bit more about what they do, and know that the UBC is a wonderful resource when you have questions or requirements regarding breastfeeding advocacy and policy in Utah.
Today is the very last day to bid on the silent auction.  ALL of our paintings have bids!!!  Thank you to Kathy Grossman who donates these paintings each year. . . those who win them will be LUCKY to have these one-of-a-kind paintings created by a local artist in their homes/offices.  Bidding for all items ends at 11:59 TONIGHT!!!
Please join us for the Volunteer Reception at 4pm in Murray Park on Tuesday evening.  It is a potluck!  There’s a sand volleyball pit, so kids might enjoy buckets and shovels 🙂  If you bid on a silent auction item and win, this is a great time to pick up your item!  And there is a small gift for everyone who attends (or you can make arrangements to pick it up later if you are unable to attend).
Thank you again to all of our volunteers who filled EVERY SINGLE SHIFT this year!  You are all amazing mothers and women and leaders in our community!
Would YOU like to be on the Breastfeeding Cafe Committee next year?  It’s never too early to start planning for next year’s Cafe and you would have a great Committee of women willing to give you pointers to make your job just a little bit easier next year!  Contact with your excited reply!
Thank you SO much everyone!
“Because Breastfeeding Touches us all!”
Breastfeeding Cafe Chairwoman 2013

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