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What is La Leche League?
La Leche League was started in the 1950s by a group of 7 women who wanted to breastfeed their babies and help others do the same.  At the height of a time when breastfeeding had become unpopular, these women came together in friendship and support of one another and other mothers around them who wanted to breastfeed their babies.
Today La Leche League is an international organization.  La Leche League is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization as well.  La Leche League offers one-to-one mother-to-mother support, just as it did in those early days.  La Leche League Leaders are trained volunteers who can help with basic breastfeeding positioning and help with difficulties as well as offer support and information for all breastfeeding mothers about the normal course of breastfeeding.
If you have never attended a La Leche League meeting, tonight is a perfect chance!  La Leche League of Salt Lake will hold their annual “Father’s meeting” at LDS hospital at 7pm.  This is a once/year opportunity here in Salt Lake City.  Utah has several LLL Groups meeting throughout the state, check out for a list of Leaders and meeting locations around Utah and try attending a meeting in August or September.  LLL meetings are a wonderful place to gain information, insight and support, but also a place where life-long friendships have so often formed through sharing a journey of breastfeeding and motherhood together.
From, please enjoy a history of La Leche League and breastfeeding over the past 57 years!

1956 – Breastfeeding rates in the US drop close to 20%; October 17, first meeting held at home of Mary White

1957 – LLL brings Dr. Grantly-Dick Read, childbirth expert, to speak to a packed house at the local high school

1958 – Founders clarify their purpose and incorporate as LLL of Franklin Park; publish the first edition of THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING in loose-leaf format and the first edition of the bimonthly publication for members, then called LLL NEWS

1960 – Over 50 women coming to ‘Board’ meetings bi-monthly; first LLL Group outside of country founded in Jonquiere, Quebec

1962 – LLL establishes ‘Chapters’ with 5 Groups per Chapter

1963 – LLL publishes first bound book edition of THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING (2nd ed.) and first translation into French; Reader’s Digest publishes the article, “They teach the art of breastfeeding” by Karen Pryor

1964 – Official name change from La Leche League to La Leche League International, Inc., with Groups in Canada, Mexico and New Zealand; LLLI’s first International Conference takes place in Chicago with 425 adults and 100 babies in attendance

1965 – The first issue of Leaven is published to keep LLL Leaders up-to-date on breastfeeding and organizational issues

1968 – Ammenhjelpen, a mother-to-mother support group inspired by La Leche League, was started in Norway

1971 – LLLI receives widespread publicity when Princess Grace of Monaco speaks at the 4th International Conference held in Chicago, Illinois, USA

1973 – first La Leche League meetings in France

1972 – Breastfeeding rates finally start to climb, jumping 4%, continuing an average climb of 3% a year throughout the decade

1974 – LLLI is accredited to provide continuing medical education credits by The American Medical Association

1976– First La Leche League Leader accredited in the Netherlands

1977 – official birthday of La Leche Liga Deutschland (Germany)

1978 – La Leche League of Belgium/Wallonia was founded

1979 – LLLI is represented at joint WHO/UNICEF Meeting on Infant and Young Child Feeding in October in Geneva, Switzerland

1979 – La Leche League Italy was founded

1981 – LLLI is welcomed into consultative status with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF); establishes Affiliate status as part of its organizational structure; LLL Switzerland becomes LLLI’s first Affiliate country; A revised and expanded 3rd edition of THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING is published; LLLI holds its 25th Anniversary Conference with a record attendance of 3800 adults and 2300 children; LLLI publishes the first edition of BREASTFEEDING ABSTRACTS, a quarterly publication for health professionals

1982 – LLL Leader works with UNICEF/Brazil to develop a pilot project to train low-income mothers to be breastfeeding counselors and to form mother-to-mother support groups; breastfeeding rates reach 61.9%

1984 – LLLI publishes OF CRADLES AND CAREERS by Kaye Lowman

1985 – The title and format of LLL NEWS changes to NEW BEGINNINGS; LLLI serves on The International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners, established to develop and administer a voluntary certification program for lactation consultants; first IBLCE exam administered, July 1985

1986 – LLLI publishes 6 books, including a new edition of THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING, in 3 years.

1987 – LLLI launches the Peer Counselor Program

1987 – La Leche League of Euskadi (Basque Country) and Spain was founded

1988 – LLLI is awarded a 4 year Child Survival Grant for projects in Guatemala and Honduras to train low-income women as breastfeeding counselors and to form mother-to-mother breastfeeding support groups; LLLI publishes the first quarterly edition of ALUMNAE NEWS to reach members of the newly formed Alumnae Association

1989 – LLLI initiates an 800-line to enable mothers to reach LLL Groups and receive the breastfeeding information they need; LLLI establishes the Center for Breastfeeding Information (CBI), the world’s largest resource for scientific research on breastfeeding

1990 – Breastfeeding rates drop to 50%; The WHO/UNICEF Policymaker’s Meeting produces the “Innocenti Declaration on the Protection, Promotion and Support of Breastfeeding,” which is signed by 10 UN Agencies and 32 countries, including the US

1990 – La Leche League of Dominican Republic was founded

1991 – The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) is launched by WHO/UNICEF in June in Ankara, Turkey; LLLI joins with other organizations and individuals to form the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) a global network to protect, support and promote breastfeeding; LLLI publishes THE BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK and a revised edition of The WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING

1992 – WABA sponsors first World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7, with the theme: Baby-Friendly Hospitals; LLLI sponsors its first World Walk for Breastfeeding

1993 – LLLI is admitted into official relations by the Executive Board of the WHO’s ninety-first session in January (resolution EB9l.R20)

1994 – LLLI moves its office from Franklin Park to Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

1995 – LLLI establishes a presence on the Internet with its own Web site and as a participant in “Parent Soup on America Online;” breastfeeding rates rise again approaching 60%

1996 – WABA sponsors the fifth World Breastfeeding Week, August 1-7, with the theme, Breastfeeding: A Community Responsibility; LLLI publishes a revised and expanded edition of THE BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK

1997 – LLLI holds the 25th annual Physicians Seminar and the 40th Anniversary International Conference in July 1997 in Washington, DC USA; celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Peer Counselor Program

1998 – Education Center officially established at LLLI, Schaumburg, IL, USA, for the implementation of courses related to breastfeeding and lactation management

1999 – LLLI representative travels to Moscow, Russia, to provide technical assistance and support to a newly established mother-to-mother support group; Russian obstetricians tour LLLI offices, Schaumburg, IL, USA

2000 – LLLI’s Center for Breastfeeding Information goes online

2001 – Wellstart International donates their library to LLLI, increasing the number of professional journal articles, research studies and books available from our Center for Breastfeeding Information from 19,000 to 38,000

2002 – LLLI published revised edition of THE BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK, available in CD format for the first time

2005 – First La Leche League Leader accredited in Bulgaria

2006 – First La Leche League Leader accredited in Ukraine

2009 – La Leche League USA started managing New Beginnings a former LLLI magazine.

2009 – First La Leche League Leader accredited in Russia

2009 – First La Leche League Leader accredited in Croatia

2009 – LEAVEN became an online publication for LLL Leaders, contains information that helps Leaders in their work of providing breastfeeding support to mothers in their communities.

2009 – On November 2009 La Leche League International Facebook Page was Founded

2010 – THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING, NEW 8th Edition, published by La Leche League International, is the most complete resource available for the breastfeeding mother, and became a National Best-seller. By the end of this past fiscal year, the 8th edition was available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Turkish.  Work has also begun in several additional languages to be published in the coming year.

2010 – BREASTFEEDING TODAY – An international online magazine full of inspiring stories, helpful information, news and reviews for expectant parents, breastfeeding moms, their families and supporters, at all stages of the parenting journey. Premier online issue released

2010 – BREASTFEEDING TIPS AND PRODUCTS became available online!
Are you volunteering at baby faires, putting together packets for pregnant or new moms, or trying to promote breastfeeding awareness in your community by distributing information? Order this breastfeeding guide in bulk quantities, which includes helpful answers to frequently asked breastfeeding questions plus a section that features books and products. Free plus shipping and handling.

2011 – La Leche League became an official licensee to use the got breastmilk?”™ brand.

2011 – First La Leche League Leaders accredited in Belarus

2011 – La Leche League of Serbia was founded in April

2011 – On October 17, 2011 La Leche League International Celebrated it’s 55 Year Anniversary!

2012 – YOURSELF, FEED YOUR FAMILY – Your approach to eating changes when you become pregnant, give birth, and become responsible for feeding a growing family. Featuring more than seventy-five easy-to-make and delicious recipes, sanity-saving, mom-tested advice, and vital information about your nutritional needs when pregnant, nursing, or weaning, FEED YOURSELF, FEED YOUR FAMILY helps you set your family on a course for a lifetime of healthy eating.

2012 – First La Leche League Leader accredited in Poland

2012 – First La Leche League Leader accredited in Lebanon

2012 – First La Leche League International Gift Cards for the online
Looking for the perfect gift? Let the lucky recipient choose a gift online at

2012 – BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK – This guidebook is ideal for use in helping mothers establish and enjoy a satisfying breastfeeding relationship with their babies. The Breastfeeding Answer Book Update 2012 include: • Breast Anatomy • Bariatric Surgery and Lactation • Contraception • Galactogogues • Milk Expression • Milk Storage.

2012 – Readers’ Choice Award Winner as a Favorite Baby Shower Gift – The Womanly Art of BreastfeedingThank you for all your votes!

LLLI PR July 2003

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