Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Cafe!  World Breastfeeding Week is behind us now and I’d like to share all of the great things that went on from August 1-7 to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week here in Salt Lake this year.

I hope you’ve been able to drop by and enjoy some of the classes that have been offered throughout the first week.  I know we’ve had some other local Groups stop by to hold their own meetings (Attachment Parenting and Babywearing) and some local moms drop by to teach classes as well.  What has been your favorite so far?
Professional Networking Dinner
We held our first ever “Professional Networking Dinner” on Thursday August 1st to kick-off World Breastfeeding Week.  We had close to 40 professionals ranging from chiropractors, cranial sacral specialists and speech therapists to dentists, midwives, IBCLCs and local LLL Leaders.  It was an awesome event to bring together persons who support breastfeeding mothers and help us all get on the same page to help mothers TOGETHER instead of separately.
We had two speakers for our event.  Our first was Dana Robison, General Manager for Synergy Dental.  Dana does a tremendous amount of research for the practice regarding materials used as well as regarding breastfeeding and oral health.  She brought an awesome presentation sharing the importance of breastfeeding FOR oral health and how to keep children’s mouths clean and healthy during the breastfeeding years.  If you’d like her presentation, she has it available.
Dr. Branton Richter of Dry Creek Pediatric Dentistry in Lehi, was our second speaker. Dr. Richter is a pediatric dentist who specializes in laser dentistry and has now been treating many patients with tongue and lip tie, from infant to adult, with laser revision.  He lead a Question & Answer type discussion mainly on the importance of tongue function in breastfeeding and beyond and shared information he gained at the recent Summit for International Affiliation of Tongue Tie Professionals (IATP).
We’d like to thank the U of U for use of their Alumni room for this event along with two local Baby Friendly Community business owners, Ian (owner of Sage’s CafeVertical DinerCafe Supernatural and Cali’s Natural Foods) donated gorgeous appetizer platters for our event and Kestrel, owner of the The Tin Angel Cafe, donated delicious bread pudding bites as our dessert.  We are grateful and proud to be part of a community where local business owners support breastfeeding mothers and families.  PLEASE become patrons of these businesses!  They deserve our support as they have given us theirs!
Family Fun Night
Friday evening, August 2, Katherine & Renee put together our first “Family Fun Night” for volunteers and their families.  In the past our kick-off has combined semi-professional speakers along with volunteers and others who would like to attend, but this year we went ahead and split up the two purposes of the kick-off so that more could enjoy each aspect.  We had well over 30 in attendance on Friday evening.  Our Family Fun Night included a Breastfeeding T-shirt contest, which was won by our volunteer Kelie (who happens to be wife of Ian) for her “Supply & Demand” shirts.  We also had face painting, bike decorating and a small bike parade for our kids, information on the Cafe and a thank you to our Committee and volunteers was given, final volunteer orientation was held, and finally we enjoyed conversation, fun and picnic on the lawn.  Thank you for all who joined us that evening.
Mini Cafes
Did you attend one of our Mini Cafes on Saturday August 3rd?  Share with us!  We held five Mini Cafes this year in Ogden (Farmer’s market), Salt Lake City (Liberty Park), Murray (Murray Park), Draper (Draper Park) and Park City (Oakley Market).  We held a Big Latch On at each location as well and all over the world, we broke the record this year!  There were booths with give-a-ways, free raffles, food, information and other fun, at each location.  Check out the Ogden Mini Cafe here.
Finally, on August 4th, Timbra & Renee set up the SHARE space, as our Design Team for the 3rd year, to be ready for opening on August 5th.
Other Celebrations
There were other celebrations in Utah as well, members of the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition have been holding small Cafes throughout the state and LLL of Logan has a great fundraiser and “Breastfeeding Rest Stop” each year.  LLL of Murray has an ongoing fundraiser for the month of August where Nursing Portrait sessions are offered by Baby Friendly Business Landslide Photography. And another of our Baby Friendly Businesses, Honey Bump Maternity, also held a Big Latch On/Business Anniversary Event on Friday August 2nd.  How did YOU celebrate World Breastfeeding Week?????
Enjoy Week 2 of the Cafe and join in on some of our classes this week!  There are also a few volunteer shifts each day that still seem to need filling, so if you haven’t picked up a shift, keep your eyes open!

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