Cafe Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the Cafe.

Come by an enjoy a meeting with the Babywearing Club of Northern Utah this morning.  This evening we’ll have a great discussion on natural family planning along with information about the Milk Depot here in Utah!  A great day of activities awaits you!
Today is the DAY!!  Our Silent Auction will be up and running some time this evening.  Come bid on some REALLY great items.  Some of our local “Baby Friendly Businesses” (click on the “Community” tab above to see a list of businesses that display the International Breastfeeding Symbol and support breastfeeding families)  have donated to this year’s Silent Auction, along with several other businesses.  You’ll definitely want to come over and bid on ALL of these awesome items.
Want to know more about our Baby Friendly Community page?  If you own a business or know someone who does and want to make that business “Baby Friendly” (breastfeeding friendly/family/child friendly) grab one of the awesome International Breastfeeding Symbol window clings from the Cafe along with the little blurb, which should be found nearby.  Have your businesses (or the business you want to approach) post our sticker to show the community that it is a business which stands in support of breastfeeding and welcomes family patronage, and we’ll share their business logo on our Community Page from here forward!  Don’t forget to update us at if a new business wants to take part in this community effort.
Speaking of Community Page and the Online Silent Auction, I want to give a shout-out to our web-ladies, who do so much of our online upkeep. Late in the game this year, Susan took over getting our site up to date prior to the Cafe.  Susan is a long-time LLL Leader, IBCLC, member of the UBC and creator of the Cafe itself.  She is also mother of one.  Claire is a lactivist blogger and mother of two. She is our Blog Carnival Creator. . .she sends out tons of emails each year to request participation and then sends daily html codes as participants post for the FULL TWO WEEKS leading up to the Cafe. This is Claire’s third year keeping up our Blog Carnival.  Claire agreed to maintaining our site and keeping it up-to-date throughout the Cafe this year as well, which includes daily posts from yours truly and getting our Silent Auction posted. Thank you to these two ladies who stepped up to keep our website current throughout the Cafe this year.
Are you enjoying the SHARE space this year?  Do you like our very public SHARE space in the Main Library, set in the heart of Downtown SLC?  Jeana is in her fourth year as the Library Liaison and has this role down to a science, even if library policies and point persons seem to change from year to year.  Don’t forget, if you need something while you are volunteering, please get in touch with Renee or Jeana, NOT the library itself (not the front desk!).  If you’re enjoying free-parking this year, our Cafe budget is paying for that and Jeana has been the liaison for being sure everyone has the appropriate amount of parking passes for their shift.  Thank you Jeana, for all that you do behind the scenes!
Don’t forget to check back for our Silent Auction items as they become available for bidding throughout the day.

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