Cafe Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Cafe.  I stopped by the Cafe last evening and was excited to see everything put together and things running smoothly.  While there, a man stopped by to talk to some of our volunteers for several minutes.  I overheard him say “YEAH. . .if a baby gotta eat, a baby gotta eat!”  I love that kind of community support and am so glad we are all working together to just keep the conversation about breastfeeding, open!

Have you ever visited a La Leche League meeting in the area?  Many of our volunteers heard about the Cafe for the first time through an LLL meeting they visited and several of our volunteers during the Cafe are also LLL Leaders.  Our local LLL Groups will continue to hold meetings throughout the Valley and beyond, this month.  Today LLL of Murray meets at 494E 5300S at noon.  We invite all pregnant and nursing mothers (with nursing children of any age) to join us for our monthly series meeting.  During the Cafe LLL of SLC, Sandy and Ogden will all hold meetings at their regular times, check out for meeting times and locations (the SLC Group will hold a meeting in our SHARE space AND at the Sprague library, simultaneously this month).
I hope you were able to enjoy a discussion circle or some yoga yesterday.  Don’t miss out on meeting the moms of Attachment Parenting Club of Salt Lake as they get together today.  For working mothers, we’ve got an evening class today!  The discussion will center around working and breastfeeding with some great resource information on pumping and storing human milk, as well as discussing the emotions that come with being away from baby!
I’d like to highlight another of our committee members today and all of those she works with during the Cafe.

If you are volunteering for the Cafe today or any other day, Renee is the one who has put together our volunteer list. This is Renee’s third Cafe to work as Volunteer Coordinator.  Renee is a retired LLL Leader and mother of three.  She works tirelessly to be sure that each and every volunteer shift gets filled throughout the Cafe.  She is the person who is called at the last minute to either find a replacement or BE the replacement, if someone is unavailable to fill their shift.  Renee has also been holding in-person volunteer orientations the past three years and this year had to increase that to three orientations. Together Katherine (highlighted yesterday) and Renee put together our first ever Family Fun Night, which was held at Liberty Park on Friday evening.  More on this event later in the Cafe.

The Cafe is open Daily from 10-7 (shorter weekend hours) with overlapping two hour shifts. One woman each morning works at the Cafe on her own, pulling out the tables and display grids.  Then, throughout the day seven other volunteers will come and go for shifts.  These women answer questions from the community, help set up for classes that might take place during their shift, direct passersby to the correct information available and sometimes deal with harassment as well, before the last lady of the day drags the tables in and locks our doors until tomorrow.  Thank a volunteer for making sure our Cafe runs every day!  There are between 40 and 50 volunteers this year!  

Stay TUNED. . .our Silent Auction should be up and running in the next day or so.  Please be sure to be handing out the little green postcards on one of the tables, which have our website on them, and let people know to go online for bidding in the next few days.  We have those GREAT paintings for sale!!!

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