Cafe Day 1

Good Morning and welcome to Day One of our 8th Annual Breastfeeding Cafe.  We are excited about our line-up of classes this year and about everyone who is volunteering to make this event a success!  Each day I, Timbra, this year’s Chairwoman, will bring you a little note about some of our volunteers and events going on during the Cafe.
On this, the first day of the Cafe I’d like to recognize the committee of women who have made all of the planning and organizing possible.  Each year a group of women come together about once/month and more frequently as the Cafe draws near, to put together the best event we possibly can. There are many facets to the planning and it can’t be done without each person doing a lot of work and a lot of other women helping out during the Cafe itself!  Also of note, these women come together while taking time away from their families, taking off of work early, and all as volunteers.  Each day I’d like to highlight a different woman on the committee and her role with the Cafe this year.
Today I will highlight three individuals because I would also like to bring to your attention the best way to continue to help us spread the word about all of our classes during the Cafe.
First is our Social Media Coordinator, Cheryl.  Cheryl is new to the Cafe committee this year. She is a retired LLL Leader and mother of two.  If you’ve been enjoying interactive questions, funny little posts and insightful articles that have been posted to the Cafe facebook page since February, Cheryl is to thank! Cheryl has also created an event invitation for each of the classes that will be held during the Cafe.  Want to help Cheryl (and us) out?  Be sure to join each event (you can even just click “maybe”) then click “Invite friends,” pick all of your friends you think might be interested in a class and send them the invite as well.  If you aren’t actually going to the event, you can just click “not going” right after you’re done with your invitation list.  And don’t forget, after you’ve liked our page, be sure to hover over “like” and click “get notifications” so that daily updates, articles, and announcements about next year’s Cafe, will all show up in your feed throughout the year.
Next up are our Education Coordinators.  This year Amanda, who is in her fourth year as Education Coordinator, paired up with Katherine, who is new the Cafe Committee.  Amanda works with the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition, Katherine is an LLL Leader in Murray and mother of two.  The two worked together to make countless phone calls and follow-up calls to bring us a power-packed schedule of demonstrations and informative class topics as well as discussion circles, throughout the Cafe.  Please attend one or more class this year and enjoy the hard work of these two ladies.  If you would like to bring a topic of discussion or demonstration class next year, that ties in well with promoting the relationship between parent and child, please contact one of these ladies to get your name on next year’s call list.
Thank you to all of our committee members this year.  Tomorrow you’ll get a chance to meet some of the other ladies and hear of their contributions to this year’s Breastfeeding Cafe.

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