Breastfeeding Twins

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During the first part of my breastfeeding journey with twins, I thought I was pretty weird. Many people I encountered thought it was pretty uncommon for a person to breastfeed twins. I received a lot of messages that questioned this decision, like: Will you have time to yourself? Will you even make enough milk? Isn’t that why they’re not sleeping all night?

And even now that breastfeeding has come to an end with my twins, people still ask, “How did you ever make enough milk for them? The people I know with twins couldn’t make enough milk.”

It was later on in my journey that I met many other moms nursing their twins. There are so many moms of twins nursing twins, right here in our area! It turns out to be pretty common and non-weird to nurse twins. I met these other nursing moms of twins through Salt Lake Mothers of Twins Club (SLMOT), and being involved with that group has been an incredibly helpful step.

A friend of mine with twins used her twins’ nursing time to be online, checking email and facebook and pinterest. It made it enjoyable for her; she would look forward to nursing them.

I have another friend with twins whose breastfeeding experience with her firstborn (a singleton) didn’t go quite as well as she wanted. Because she learned about ideas and help available through La Leche League, breastfeeding her twins is going much more smoothly, and she has continued to nurse her twins for years, even through another pregnancy.

One of my friends with twins had a difficult time nursing them. But she continued to pump for about ten months and was able to feed them breastmilk as well as formula from a bottle. What an amazing start to life her twins got, with so much breastmilk to get their immune systems and digestive systems started.

One of my friends had quadruplets. She networked and planned ahead so that she would have the help at home she needed. She nursed them two at a time while the other two had bottles of breastmilk and formula, and then she pumped. Then at the next feeding less than two hours later, the two who had had bottles were nursed, and the previously nursed babies had bottles. She was able to do this for several months until it made sense for their family for her to exclusively pump. She pumped her milk for them until they were 15 months old, providing about half of their milk for that time.

So through SLMOT and other places I have met many moms nursing twins and more. Also through meeting these moms of twins, I have realized there is not one right way to nurse twins! There is not one right way to position them, not one right way to coordinate nursing them, not one right way to juggle difficulties that might come up.

And I have learned that while nursing twins does not have to be all or nothing (many moms of twins switch off between breastmilk and formula), it is common and not at all weird to exclusively nurse twins. However, it is remarkable and extraordinary to feed twice the normal number of babies, no matter how you feed them, and it can require extra help and support.

Want to get some ideas for exclusively nursing twins? I promise you do not have to be Super Woman. It’s pretty common and not at all weird. Talk to another mom who has! You can find one through a moms of twins support group like SLMOT, or through La Leche League.

Picture 1447Marilee Poulson is the mother of an almost-nine-year-old daughter, identical twin girls who are six, and a three-year-old little man. Marilee is a Leader with La Leche League of Salt Lake City.


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5 responses to “Breastfeeding Twins

  1. jeanajones

    Thanks for sharing your story, Marilee! You are such an inspiration!

  2. So good to know I’m not the only one who gets that ” your crazy” look f

    • So good to know that I’m not the only one getting the ” your crazy” look for nursing my 5 month old twins! I pump during the day at work and exclusively breast feed when I’m home with my girls. Goal is to continue until they are one! Hopefully I’m able to keep my supply up for them!! Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

  3. Melanie

    I just stopped nursing my 13 month old twins last month! It was an amazing experience and though it was a challenge sometimes, I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Major Kudos to the nursing mom of Quads! Incredible.

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