Krystyna’s Favorite Nursing Wear

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Since the theme of this year’s World Breastfeeding Week is “Close to Mothers”, I thought I would have fun with that theme and show you the clothes that have been close to me these last few years as a nursing mother.  I have had the pleasure of nursing four children for a total of 88 months of breastfeeding.  I just worked that out to be a total of 7 years and 4 months!

My nursing fashions have evolved as more have become available.  I still own four of my original nursing blouses, and have added to the repertoire thanks to the advent of the Internet and a stylish boutique that opened in our neighborhood.

Side note:  You will notice that the clothing below all have some fabric worked into the style to cover the breast – that is my personal preference.  I commend the mamas that show more skin.  We must each do what we feel comfortable doing to normalize breastfeeding.

I am going to start with foundation garments.  Here are the bra and the nursing tank that are on my personal “best” list.

My favorite nursing bra for day-wear is from the Elle McPherson line.

BlogCTM braElle
I switched to these after our third child was born.  I wanted something supportive without underwire that was pretty and feminine.  I love the soft fabric, and the lace peek-a-boo detail that peeks through some of the nursing blouses I wear.  They are a little more expensive than your average nursing bra, however I can vouch for their durability.  With a cool wash and a hang dry, these bras have lasted me for 2-4 years, depending on when I bought them.  I have added more to my lingerie drawer simply because I wanted to do laundry less often, not because they wore out.

For nighttime nursing support, I like this crisscross style from La Leche League.

BlogCTM braLLL
I don’t like to be bare of garments “upstairs,” especially when I need a nursing pad in the immediate postpartum period as my milk comes in.  I find that this bra provides enough support for comfort without being too tight to sleep in comfortably.  It is my choice when I am going to layer a long tank or loose sleep blouse with a pair of pajama bottoms.

For options that allow me to wear my favorite non-nursing blouses while still providing the discretion I like when nursing, I invite you to look at two of my go-tos…

Modest Middles:  This patented U-shaped tank top lets you wear your favorite nursing bra and cover up the squishes if you like to lift your blouse to nurse like I do.  It has a sleek profile, so I can pair it with a form-fitting or loose blouse as the mood strikes me for the day.

Blog BFCU Modest Middles

(Image from Modest Middles™ used with permission)

Glamour Mom Nursing Tanks: In general, I prefer the sleeker line of the Modest Middle.  However, as the temperature rises, I prefer a single layer than the feeling of too many straps and bands.  While they don’t shape as well as a bra/MM combo, it is so much cooler and gets the job done: provides support and covers my squish.  I have also used these as pajama tops when my favorite pj’s are in the laundry.

BlogCTM glamourmom
Here is a look at some of the blouse brands that are tried and true.  Some I have used since I started nursing back in January of 2005, and some are recent additions.

Motherhood Maternity:
I still own some of my original nursing blouses dating back to 2005 when I first became a nursing mama.  This top was my first introduction to being able to nurse without a cover since they pulled up to give a nursling access to the breast.  Although I didn’t nurse without a cover until our third child, it was nice that they have the option and I can take advantage of it now.
BlogCTM mmlongpink
This short-sleeved pink one was my first blouse that I felt pretty and feminine in.  Although I still had baby weight to lose, and I don’t always feel pretty after a day of being mom, this fun and functional blouse reminded me that it’s okay to want to be feminine.  I gave myself permission to seek out blouses that were on the cute side even though I was officially a mom.
BlogCTM mmpink

This black nursing top was my intro and my hook to an obsession with the crisscross style.  I am still sad that I lost or gave away a black and grey polka dot version of this blouse – it was very flamenco!  Anyway, this was my standby standard black blouse that I paired with black slacks.  It was easy to dress up or dress down as per the occasion and still have nursing access.
BlogCTM mmblack Next in my progression of nursing wear was the line of nursing attire from Momzelle.  This is a line from Canada that I discovered through one of their facebook ads – thanks, fb!  Besides getting to practice my French writing skills every once in a while, their tanks and blouses rock!! Both the long sleeve and the tank styles look great layered or alone. The jewel tones and the neutrals lend themselves to personalization.

BlogCTM mmzl 013- Criss-cross tank light pink

BlogCTM mmzl 033- warm_criss-cross_jade

BlogCTM mmzl 031- warmV_bleuElec (1)

(images from Momzelle™used with permission)

You can add a vest or jacket, jewelry, and a great pair of shoes and still have nursing access.  Who says you have to sacrifice your personal style when you nurse?  Here is a criss-cross tank I layered with a light blouse for the Fourth of July:
Want to make a statement?  These are two of my favorite “lactivist” items.  I *love* some of the reactions I have gotten, or questions that I get to answer when I aim to raise breastfeeding awareness with a few words printed on a garment.

BlogCTM mmzl 020 I Make milk black

“I make milk. What’s your superpower?”

BlogCTM mmzl 0107- Tank top beige with ice cream print

“Milk Bar – Open”

(images from Momzelle™used with permission)

As I gained more confidence to nurse without a cover, I was able to wear any nursing blouse and breastfeed without feeling like I was going to draw undue attention to ourselves – just doing my part to normalize breastfeeding! The blousy styles pictured below have become a staple in my wardrobe.  They have all been added since Modern Mommy Boutique opened in our neighborhood.  Whether it’s an A-line swing, a cowl, or a drape, these blouses are gentle on my curves.  Running errands, at the country club, out to dinner or at church, these all allow for discretion and style while meeting our nursling’s needs.

I usually dress these up with a hair band and/or a chewbeads necklace. A quick look before I step out to make sure I am not covered in glue or some other kind of kid goo, and I am ready to walk out and live our choice to breastfeed discreetly and without incident.

Here is a fun top in two colors by Annee Matthew:

BlogCTM annematthew

I like the long under layer that covers the midsection, and the generous draping that allows for discreet nursing.

BlogCTM AMblue2Mothers en Vogue works with sustainable fabrics – besides the style, their clothing for mama and baby is eco-friendly.

Paired here with a bolero jacket, it’s just the right blouse for Sunday Brunch. Pictured with all my breastfed babies!!

Blog CTM anneblackhat

Taking the black blouse casual with a black hat. You can see this blouse allows for comfortable, no-show nursing.

Here are two styles by Mayreau:

BlogCTM graymayreau

Loose Tank

BlogCTM greenmayreau

Drape Style 

Milk Stars is one of my favorites because I love the cowl style and this is a super soft and breathable fabric.
BlogCTM milkstars

Mothers en Vogue works with organic fabrics – besides the style, they are eco-safe for mama and baby.
BlogCTM MeVblack BlogCTM MeVmagenta

Last but not least, I cannot write about clothes that support breastfeeding without sharing some of my favorite pajamas.  As we were doing a breastfeeding photo shoot in advance of Breastfeeding Awareness Week/Month, one of the mamas mentioned that she felt that she should be walking around a mansion, lounging around on a chaise and feeding her baby!  Why not indulge in the type of nursing clothing that pampers your skin while making it easy to feed your baby?  Here are my top three picks for nursing pajamas.

La Leche League reversible nightdress:
BlogCTM revpjs

This one was one of my first purchases as we were waiting for our fourth child to make an appearance.  It was soft enough to wear postpartum, it pulls open for easy access, and it’s loose enough to be gentle on the postpartum belly while still looking and feeling great.

Maxi Dress by Kicky Pants:
BlogCTM kickypants2

This is hands down the softest pajama I have ever worn.  I was so excited to see this item unpacked during the Christmas season.  While it is not great for support (I usually pair it with a LLL sleep bra), it is superb for comfort and style.  Watch out, Scarlet O’Hara! I could sashay down any hallway in this nightgown.

Pajama Sets by Hot Milk:
Even our kiddos tell me I look cute when I wear one of my Hot Milk sets. These offer support and style while offering a little heat for Coach. I like the two piece option – sometimes it’s nice to relax in a pair of pajama pants – as a Bradley™ mama I still make good use of tailor sitting on a regular basis, and that is done much more easily in a pair of pants.

I hope you enjoyed the tour through my favorite nursing wear!
What is your favorite brand of nursing wear?
Tell us about it!

40thwithmyloveKrystyna Bowman, AAHCC and her husband Bruss are The Bradley Method® 2013 Affiliated Instructors. Besides being parents to four children, they are lactivists, homeschool advocates and speakers on the topics of childbirth and childbirth education. They strive to help as many families as possible achieve healthy and low-risk pregnancies through exercise, nutrition and education. They are passionate about empowering couples to embrace the birth that their baby needs. Krystyna blogs about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding at Sweet Pea Births and she writes about their family life at Sweet Pea Families. You can also find @SweetPeaBirths on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


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  1. I actually never use nursing wear the way they’re intended. I do own a lot though because for a very long time I felt uncomfortable shopping anywhere but in nursing wear shops. Now I’m feeling less shameful about myself and I just shop anywhere… even though I’ve actually gained weight… Body image is strange business

  2. Tanya

    My favorite one is Nurture-Elle not only because has comfortable, stylish and very trendy styles (you can’t tell it’s a nursing top) but also because they support women in developing countries 🙂

  3. Awesome post,
    I like the valuable info, you have provides in your article. Thanks for sharing.

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