The Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival is Back!

Hello all! The Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival is starting up again soon in countdown to the Breastfeeding Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah! This year, the Cafe starts on August 5th, which means that the Carnival starts on July 22nd and runs until August 4th! The theme for the Cafe is Success is Within Reach, so many of our Carnival topics are along those lines.

For those of you who haven’t participated in the Carnival in the past, here’s the gist of it. We have a different topic (see below) every day for two weeks straight. For those of you with blogs (from Utah or otherwise), you can participate in as many or as few days as you’d like to. You just write a post on the topic provided and send me a link that day or earlier (earlier preferred!) for your post to be included in the list of Carnival participants. I will send everyone code to post at the top and bottom of their post that shows you’re a part of the Carnival and provides links to other participants. Easy as cake! Email me at clindstrom2 {at} gmail {dot} com and I’ll put you on the email list!

If you don’t have a blog (or even if you do have one!), but still see some topics that you’re interested in, you can guest post on this blog! Just shoot me an email with your preferred topic (and a second choice in case that one is already gone) and I’ll email you back confirming that you’re writing on that day. I’ll send you an email reminding you a week before it goes up and I need the post sent to me at least two days before (earlier preferred!) and I’ll worry about all of the editing and posting! If you do want to guest post, email me (address above) with your preference ASAP so you can get the topic you prefer!

So what are those topics? Here’s a list for you!

Monday, July 22nd – Online lifelines: which sites or forums did you go to for help and support?

Tuesday, July 23rd – Breastfeeding myths: what’s the biggest breastfeeding myth in your opinion? Help us dispel it!

Wednesday, July 24th – Wordless Wednesday-Breastfeeding Photos: share pictures of you and your nursing(s)!

Thursday, July 25th – Breastfeeding in special circumstances: if you ever breastfed through an auto-immune disease, had to do an elimination diet, breastfed a baby with special needs, etc. Anything out of the realm of “normal” goes here!

Friday, July 26th – Helping other moms succeed: have you helped any other moms with their breastfeeding journey?

Saturday, July 27th – Your go-to resource: what person, book, group, etc. was your number one place to go to for help?

Sunday, July 28th – Physical support: tell us what is your favorite nursing wear and why!

Monday, July 29th – Breastfeeding multiples: twins (or more!), tandem nursing singletons, even nursing more than one child through your breastfeeding years. Tell us about your experience.

Tuesday, July 30th – How your partner helped/hindered: was your partner a huge support or did they take a bit to get used to nursing? If you are a single parent, has anyone else in your family helped or hindered your breastfeeding efforts?

Wednesday, July 31st – Wordless Wednesday-Babywearing Photos: do you babywear? Show us! Bonus points if you’re nursing and babywearing!

Thursday, August 1st – Breastfeeding in public: do you have any tips or tricks? Why is it important to you? Has anyone ever confronted you about breastfeeding in public?

Friday, August 2nd – Your tips to succeed: what do you wish you would have known or were happy that you knew to help you succeed with breastfeeding?

Saturday, August 3rd – Your most unlikely support: was there someone in your life that you expected to give you grief about nursing, but instead was your biggest fan?

Sunday, August 4th – Tell us your success story! Success really is within reach! Any breastfeeding success, no matter how small, is still a breastfeeding success. Share your story!

Don’t forget to come by the Cafe if you’re in the area and check out our amazing events we’re planning for this year. Of course there will be the Big Latch-on World Record again on the 5th of August, but we’re also doing Mini Cafes, classes galore, another silent auction (with many awesome prizes!), and more!


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  1. how can I be a poster, who do I email? please email me (

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