Utah Breastfeeding Coalition – August 9th 2012

The Utah Breastfeeding Coalition is a group of health professionals, public health organizations, educators, policy makers, employers and other community individuals and groups whose purpose is to collaboratively promote, protect and support breastfeeding in Utah. Thank you for your constant support and guidance during the breastfeeding café for the past seven years.

Highlight activities for the café: Remember to attend  La Leche League meeting from 10-12 and if  you have  questions on nutrition Patrice Isabella RD will be at the  café  to answer  your questions miss this  opportunity of advice form a Registered  dietitian . If you have questions or need breastfeeding support Edna Pitore WIC breastfeeding peer counselor will be at the café from 2-5 and if you want to apply for WIC the peer counselors can also inform you how.

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