Wisdom & Influence Passed Down To You – July 23

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Linda Jo Devlaeminck is the mother of four daughters, and the grandmother of two so far. “I grew up in the ’60’s and ’70’s and married a wonderful man in 1980, who has partnered with me in the joy of raising our girls, shared his bed with all of them while they were nursing (think hugging the side to give us room), and is a great grandfather.”


Today’s Prompt:  Wisdom may be passed down to us from prior generations or just from friends who have already been there. Did you receive any “sage” wisdom from a mother in your life, prior to becoming one yourself? Not all people are so bold as to share their wisdom, what INFLUENCES in your life lead to your decision to breastfeed your child/ren? Was breastfeeding something you saw in your family? What were your feelings about breastfeeding before nursing your own babies?


My mother was unsuccessful in breastfeeding my oldest sister. In her generation, mothers were encouraged to use bottles. Encouraged by her doctor, for a while she tried to both nurse and use a bottle and thought it was the worst of both worlds. We were all brought up on diluted, canned, evaporated milk. Although we all survived, I am very sad for her that she missed out on the joys and convenience of breastfeeding because she did not have the support that is more common when I was nursing and today!

I was much more fortunate. Before I was married, I lived with a woman who breastfed her children. Luckily for me, she had her youngest while I still was there!  I got to see first hand the simplicity and joy of breastfeeding and the benefits for the children.  I remember observing many mothers and children in our community and I could tell which were breastfeeding pairs by how peaceful and independent the children were! I was convinced! She was also my coach when I had children of my own.  One thing she taught me that I always try to pass on is that you can stop a let down reflex by pressure on the breast. It is so much easier than pads!

I wouldn’t have missed nursing my children for the world! With the coaching of my friend, I was able to meet the needs of my children and developed a strong relationship with them as well as giving them a healthy start in life.

I had a friend who was in the same stage in life. It is such a support to share our love for breastfeeding. We would regularly trade childcare.  I usually kept my nursing babies with me until they were well into the toddler stage, but she left hers after the first few months. Both of us nursed all of each other’s children. How much easier it was than expressing or using bottles! And, our children experienced the comfort and relationship on the nursing relationship even when we weren’t there.

I am so grateful for the support I received and have been able to pass on. Now my daughter knows more than I ever did about breastfeeding and she is the one who teaches me! Pass it on!



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3 responses to “Wisdom & Influence Passed Down To You – July 23

  1. Jeana Jones

    Thanks, Mom, for the wisdom you have passed on to me. Your joyful example has been a blessing to me as I go through my own journey as a young mother.

  2. Wow! I am touched by your story and wowed by the fact that you and your friend were milksharing before it started to be “cool” again. I have often wondered if I would nurse someone else’s baby, and I love your confident solution.

    • Linda Jo Devlaeminck


      Thanks for responding! It wasn’t even called “milksharing” then! So much of it had to do with relationship. We loved each other and we loved each other’s children, so it seemed very natural.

      Linda Jo

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