I’ve really enjoyed this second week of the Cafe. With so many events, fundraising and just the opening of the Cafe in week one (and World Breastfeeding Week) I wasn’t able to attend any classes. But this week I heard great things from those who attended and lead the classes. And I was personally able to attend the “Cafe After Hours” on Wednesday evening and the “Oral Health and Breastfeeding” discussion from Synergy Dental/Dr. Sean Ulm yesterday. Sometimes it’s difficult to find health professionals who understand and fully support breastfeeding COMPLETELY, but the businesses which have been represented this week have been just that. So, just another reminder, hire these people, frequent their businesses, or at least like them on facebook and consider them resources when you have a question about your health or your child’s health, even if you do not choose their businesses, I can say that they will treat you like PEOPLE. This includes all of our presenters this week and those on our Baby Friendly Community Page.

For anyone who showed up for the morning Art Class on Friday, I did get a message ahead of time, but my phone was dead. Apologies for the cancelled class, please email me, if you showed up for the class, and would like to be offered some sort of “make-up session” from the instructor who had a last minute emergency.

This morning we had an expectant moms’ circle, I hope you attended if you’re expecting a baby and just wanted to find some like-minded mamas nearby. At noon, Cara Munson held a discussion format “Ask a Registered Dietician.” Again, I hope if you had any nutrition questions regarding pregnancy, breastfeeding, or child health and nutrition, you went ahead and dropped in for some Q&A.

I want to take another opportunity to highlight a couple of Cafe efforts this year. If you have been b

y the Cafe and have seen all of the 4×6 photos on display, but don’t see your own, PLEASE feel free to go here ( download the form, read the instructions, send in a photo, and we’ll print them up to be ready for next year’s Cafe.


The second thing I’d like to highlight is our Silent Auction. We have had so many contributions from great companies, and some from wonderful local establishments and mothers as well. Please drop by the silent auction, put in a bid! This supports our Cafe and Utah Breastfeeding Coalition, as well as World Breastfeeding Week. We’d like to be able to put in for “most unique celebration” with World Breastfeeding Week, due to our flash mob! We still have a few items with no bid at all. If these don’t get bids, we’ll have some special giveaways at our Volunteer reception. The Silent Auction bids end at 11:59pm on Thursday August 18th.Our volunteer reception will be held the following morning. 


Thank you again for everyone who has been part of the Cafe. Just one more day now!

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