Friday Already!

Friday of Cafe Week 2 already? Where does the time go? The fun isn’t ending quite yet. We have a couple of great classes today and we’re still open through the rest of the weekend.

At 10am Lilly Johnson of Daylilly arts is scheduled to hold another great mommy & me art class. This will be held in the Childrens’ Section, in the craft room, downstairs. We had a great time painting art folders to keep our children’s cherished art pieces in, on Monday, and got some great tips from Lilly about doing art in the home. Daylilly Arts Inc is a non-profit organization, she holds fundraisers at MANY events around the Salt Lake Valley, and she holds art camps in Murray each week. When school begins again, she’ll have a whole new set of classes for all ages and abilities.

And at 3pm, a second presentation from Dana Robinson of Synergy Dental. Dana will be sharing information about breastfeeding and oral health for children. She really does her research. Synergy dental is dedicated to the patient and treating oral health holistically. Dana is also a mother of two breastfed children. If you missed last Friday’s discussion, come today!

The Cafe is really winding down. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. I am also amazed out how smoothly the Cafe seems to have run this year. Facebook has been a great resource for getting out information and up to date events throughout the Cafe, as well as a great way to share photos and reminders. World Breastfeeding Week held several celebrations and this second week of the Cafe has been just as amazing, filled with classes and opportunities.

We had a huge complement on Wednesday evening from a couple who was just looking for a quiet place to meet their new little girl’s needs. They walked up to the SHARE space, said they’d walked by a few times and wanted to check it out finally. The father wanted to be a supportive partner, but expressed to one of our volunteers that he didn’t really know how to do that. But they stopped in, sat in the rockers, eventually baby girl nursed, and they were able to share with us how amazing this space was. The father also expressed how incredible he thought the Breastfeeding Cafe was as a resource for his family, but also how impacting it was for our community. That’s what it’s all about folks. . . families feeling the support of a community!

Have a wonderful final few days of the Cafe. Volunteers, be sure to write down those stories when you hear positive feedback from someone just “passing by.” We’d love to be able to share them at our Volunteer reception this year!

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