The Cafe and events have been getting plenty of press this year. City Weekly (Aug 4, so you’ll want to get one fast) last week, the Big Latch On got coverage on Fox 13 and ABC 4 this weekend, we have a 200 word interview in the Examiner, and Cafemom’s “The Stir” also did an email interview for a spot regarding our baby wearing flash mob last Saturday.

I’ve been so excited about our extra efforts to pass the word about classes. Today we had 11 people for the photography class in the SHARE space, which is at least twice as many as have attended in the past two years. I hope to see more numbers like that during the rest of the week.

Speaking of classes: Be sure to check out today’s line-up. Cloth Diaper Utah will be holding their monthly meeting in the SHARE space at 10am. If you’re a regular of this meeting, then by all means, drop by. If you’re interested in cloth diapering, have questions, or didn’t even realize that there’s a monthly meeting going on, then by all means drop by too!!!

In the afternoon Alisha Stamper, of Alisha Stamper Photography, will be leading a class from another passion of hers, “Loving Through Lullabies.” What a neat way to learn some new lullabies for your babies and find another means of communicating with your little people. Stop in at 4pm to learn a new language!

This is our second “Cafe After Hours” class as well. Tonight is a “TWO-FER” class. We’ll start off with Natasha Boss giving a Kefir Making How-To. You’ll get a great handout on Kefir making and resources, as well as have opportunity to put yourself on a list to get Kefir grains from local mamas as they become available. Directly following we’ll have Rebecca Overson of Salt Lake Prenatal Massage giving us “Dr. Mom: Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Parenthood.” You’ll want to stick around for this one, she’ll be giving away some essential oils after her presentation.

Wednesday. . . what a great day at the Cafe!

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