The days are flying by, we’re almost halfway through the second week of our Cafe. Yesterdays’s art class was moved downstairs to the Chidlren’s section, which meant it was then opened even MORE to the public. . . we had THIRTY individuals (I think 9 adults and 21 kids of varied ages) there. This is amazing, since most classes barely reach 5 attendees. Next year we may just have to request the downstairs classrooms for EVERY class if we keep up this great use of our online communication resources.

You’re going to love today’s “Photography Tips” class by Katrina Anderson of Red Bean Photography. She’s a fabulous photographer and last year embarked on the project, “At Mother’s Breast,” photographing nursing mothers around the valley. 4 of her photographs are found in poster sized prints, in the SHARE space, along with photos by Alisha Stamper of Stamper Photography, and photos by Timbra Wiist of Landslide Photography. Stop by at 10am to learn some great tips for photographing your own children, from someone who is often chasing around FIVE of her own!

If you have a chance, RSVP to the events on the facebook page, when you plan to attend, then go ahead and “share it” on your own page, or even go in and invite friends individually. We could REALLY increase our class sizes and therefore our ability to reach more mothers, if everyone excited about the Cafe, were willing to take a few minutes to invite their friends to classes each day. This year’s theme is “Mothers See! Mothers Do!” Let’s be about supporting the other MOTHERS in our lives, by sharing breastfeeding information and resource opportunities with friends and family.

I’d like to say again, be sure to get on facebook and “like” these businesses that are giving their time to make our Cafe classes and our Cafe space awesome this year! A list can be found in Monday’s post.

There have been a few questions about resources and information for classes that haven’t happened yet. Be sure to check back after the Cafe, we’ll continue to do some updating online with resources, business names, contact information for instructors, etc.

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