New Moms. . . . sometimes it’s hard to get out of the house with your sanity still in tact, but I promise, if you head down to the SHARE space at 10am, you’ll find other mamas who feel just the same and would love to exchange woes and triumphs with you. Join the New Moms’ circle today at 10am.

If you were at Latch On America in July, then you may have met today’s instructor, Lilly. She’ll be offering an art class for little people today at 3pm. I can speak from experience, that she is amazing, sweet and guides children in creating amazing things. You’ll definitely want to come on down and take part in this class.

“Liking” our Baby Friendly Businesses:
Please remember, a lot of our instructors are professionals with private practices and businesses. Consider hopping around on facebook and liking some of our presenters, sponsors and donors: Synergy Dental, Red Bean Photography, Salt Lake Prenatal Massage, Landslide Photography, Cloth Diaper Utah, Alisha Stamper Photography, NAP Inc, Daylilly Arts Inc., La Leche League of Sandy, of SLC and of Murray .

Baby Friendly Community:
Beyond just “liking” these businesses, consider frequenting some of them! We also have a HUGE list of baby friendly businesses on our online wall (just click the tab above). You can add to this list by delivering an international breastfeeding symbol sticker to one of your favorite businesses and then adding their name in the comments section to be added to the wall at a later date. There are stickers and a small explanation of “Baby Friendly Business” in the SHARE space, so pick some up and hand them out. I think we’d all like to support businesses that support us as mothers!

Finally. . . as of Saturday, the SHARE space now boasts over 100 visual pieces of art depicting breastfeeding mothers, including paintings and photographs. Drop by to check it out. Don’t see your photo there? You can download a release form, sign it, scan or photograph it and email it in with your SINGLE favorite nursing photo (one for each child). We’ll print it out and add it to the collage.

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