Did you do it? Did you stick around the SHARE space? Or did you miss it? All that hard work, and two videos, advertising practices and free baby carriers from our sponsor NAP Inc. It all paid off! Saturday afternoon we held our Baby Wearing Flash Mob. Quite the spectacle! We had 24 baby wearing parents, 3 babydoll wearing kiddos, and four of our mamas were tandem wearers! We also had a small film crew of about 10 supportive friends and partners! Don’t worry, you can watch a video of it here. (More to come I’m sure). Eventually it will also find it’s way to the NAP inc. website.

A big thanks to Sleepy Wrap/Boba for sponsoring our flash mob and giving free carriers to each participant. We were literally gifted with THOUSANDS of dollars worth of carriers!

I’d like to give a HUGE thank youto Claire Lindstrom who co-coordinated the Flash Mob with me, and did a ton of organizational work behind the scenes, including pulling her husband, Curtis, in on much of it. And to Lexie Corbett, our fearless choreographer and leader! She took time out to choose music, choreograph the dance AND teach MANY wayward dancing souls for four Friday nights starting back in May. And why not?!!! Thanks to all those crazy kids who got out there and shook what their mamas gave ’em yesterday!!!! PS, Thank you to Black Eyed Peas for some PHAT jams!

And just like that, a week of the Cafe has come and gone and World Breastfeeding Week celebrations around the Salt Lake Area have come to a close (while some are stillgoing on). The Big Latch on was a HUGE success, with over 130 people in attendance and 45 record breaking mamas! Another special thanks must be inserted here, for Jeana Jones. She has tirelessly been our library liaison for TWO years and has done a fabulous job this year, her second year. She was also all of the hard work behind making sure that the Big Latch On happened here in Salt Lake City this year! Thank you Jeana!

Welcome to week 2 of the Cafe!

Nicole Bernshaw, IBCLC, is ready to answer your questions or chat with you today. So drop by the SHARE space during the library’s open hours of 1-5 and pay her a visit!

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