It’s not too late to get yourself down to library square and be part of the Big Latch On at 10:30am today! Even if you arrive a few minutes late for registration (closing at 10:20am) there’s a special designated section for you late-comers and you can still register at 10:32. . . when the latch is over!!! Be sure to be there before 10:29 so you don’t miss your chance to be counted for this RECORD BREAKING event!

If you don’t have a baby ready to latch, because that baby is still waiting to HATCH. . . then you should be at the “Expectant Moms’ Circle” at 10am instead. Local La Leche League leader, Bradley Instructor and Doula, Amy Ihrig will be facilitating today’s circle, and I’m just SURE some of you have at least ONE question you’d like answered! Like, “What’s the Bradly Method?” Or “Why would someone need a Doula?” Or “How do I ensure a good start to breastfeeding? And what’s my birth got to do with it anyway?” Or maybe you’d just like to meet a few moms who you’ll someday form a playgroup with when you all have little people of the same age. . . lasting friendships begin in circles of like-minded mamas, so come on down and meet your new best friend today!

What does your afternoon look like? I’d suggest grabbing lunch and considering sticking near the SHARE space today after about 3:30 (but you won’t need to bring dinner along). . . JUST a suggestion. . .you never know WHAT you might see, or when! I know a few people who have been working pretty hard to show off their mad talent!

As a final reminder: Please note that we have another “After Hours” event this coming Wednesday and we have added to the Kefir Making How-To being lead by Natasha Boss, a second part of the “After Hours” evening, “Dr. Mom: Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Parenting” with Rebecca Overson of Salt Lake Prenatal Massage. Make a little space in your evening for this great evening of sharing.

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