Another Full Day Here at the Breastfeeding Cafe

Good morning. I hope you got some good rest, because this evening we hold our FIRST ever “Cafe After Hours,” from 7-9pm. Tonight’s event will be a women’s clothing swap, including maternity clothes. If you do not wish to take your leftover clothes home with you, we are happy to make a trip to the Road Home and drop them off there, for you. We will be meeting in room L-1. Bring some stuff to swap and bring some friends!!!

But before you get ready for the evening, be sure to leave some time in your schedule this afternoon for another signing class with Heidi at 3pm.

If you’re in class with Heidi, then you’re not at the Murray Park World Breastfeeding Week Nursing Portrait fundraiser, so be sure to RSVP and get a spot for tomorrow or Friday. It’s a great time for snacks, like-minded mamas, and visiting with local La Leche League leaders, along with other breastfeeding families. Oh, plus beautiful portraits of you and your nursing child!

Be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday’s Big Latch On. Registration begins at 10am, on the NE lawn of library square. Do you need an exact address? 400S 300E. There are meters along 300E, or you can park under the library, entrance is on 400S. Join in on this RECORD BREAKING EVENT: Every mom with a child latched on for ONE minute at 10:30am local time, will be counted in the record. Bring a blanket, water, snacks, and of course. . .baby. You’re also welcome to make fun signs (but no staking them into the ground) and bring other family/friend support. EVERYONE who attends will be included in the “event total.”

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