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I’ve told numerous people that one of my most important parenting tools when Peanut was an infant was my iPhone–and I’m not kidding in the least.

In those early days when you’re just sitting and nursing for hours on end, it’s a life-saver. I sat comfortably on my couch as I looked up articles online about vaccines, tweeted my followers asking questions and made funny comments about life with a newborn, and wrote blog posts advocating attachment parenting. My phone attached me to the outside world even when I was up nursing at 2am in my pajamas.

It’s amazing the kinds of resources that are available to us via the internet. When I was concerned that we had thrush, I simply looked up the symptoms on When I wanted some more specific confirmation, I tweeted about it and had answers within seconds. When I wanted to talk to a La Leche League leader about it, I went to the LLL website and found their contact information. When I wanted natural remedies for it, I simply searched and came up with many different things to try. And all of this happened in less than an hour.

Then there’s the connection to people. Being a new mom (especially being a new mom with different ideals than many people around me) made me feel isolated. Sure, I could go to La Leche League meetings and that helped, but they only happen once a month and it’s difficult for a new mom to get out of the house some days. Twitter brought met that connection that I needed. I “met” some of my favorite bloggers via Twitter (like Hobo Mama, PhD in Parenting, and Tophat) and I still follow them today. Their blogs not only made me feel like I wasn’t the only one in the world that wanted to do things differently, but that I would survive those first few months with a newborn.

And through my recent trek of trying to conceive, the Mothering Dot Com forums were a lifesaver. I didn’t want to go around telling everyone we knew that we were trying to get pregnant. I didn’t want people always asking and I didn’t want any bad reactions if someone didn’t think it was a good idea. The thing I did want was support. Through the forums, I found many moms who throughout many stages of their baby making journeys. The ones who had been trying for a while had great advice, the ones who got pregnant while I was there gave me hope, and the ones who got pregnant at the same time as me gave me companionship. Yes, you can get all of this from the internet.

I’m happy that I’ve grown up in the internet age. Technology has helped me parent. Some may say that we’re too connected to our technology. Some may say that technology risks replacing human contact. I believe it’s all about how you use it, so use it wisely.

Today’s guest post is from Claire Lindstrom. Claire is a mother to a rambunctious 28-month old she calls Peanut and a cute little fetus she calls Twig. She is a stay at home mom and student working on becoming a biology teacher. She blogs at The Adventures of Lactating Girl as a breastfeeding superhero that advocates all things natural parenting.

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