Latch on America: Utah

On June 30th we were given word that Latch On America had chosen Salt Lake City as one of their 35 stops across the US. Initially there were to be 20 stops, but there was so much interest, that several stops were added to the 40 day tour!

Friday July 1st we had a phone conference, local UT ladies from the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition, WIC/Dept of Health and La Leche League, along with Ryan, yeah, Ryan. . . Ryan, the 27 year old childless, single guy who asked his truck driver dad to take 40 days with him and drive a FORTY FOOT PINK BUS across the US to unite breastfeeding resources and families across the US! Yeah, that Ryan! I’m looking forward to meeting him in person, though I highly doubt that we’ll have much time to shoot the breeze about his project, but I want to meet a guy in his 20s who decides on such a project!

After the phone meeting, we got excited and we got busy. As the chairwoman of the Cafe, I thought, why not?! Sure, I’ll take on event coordinating for this new event IN BETWEEN now and the Cafe itself. It’s sort of like a kick-off to our kick-off to our Cafe.

So what’s going on with Latch On America? At each location the pink bus will stop and stay for a 3 hour event, they will provide a booth with information on their project, a documentary team that will post blog and documentary video 4 times during the day (there will be interviews and such going on throughout the day aside from the “event” portion of things) and they will provide easels with paper and thought provoking questions for the community about breastfeeding support in their area. Every event is unique and different, for instance, in San Diego, it looks like Milk For Thought will just have a booth (and a giant pink bus) at an existing event. So what will Utah do? Utah will be creating an entirely NEW event, around the Pink Bus. It would have been fabulous if they’d had the schedule flexibility to be here DURING our annual Cafe, however, they don’t. But now we can use THIS event to showcase our upcoming Cafe.

Latch On America: Utah has decided to call on our Baby Friendly Community businesses, which can be found here (there are some who are not listed here). We’re offering a free family event, asking Baby Friendly community businesses if they’d like to display their businesses for FREE as well. We have had a great response from these businesses. There will be samples, games and drawings by the businesses. There will be music, movement and art class demos. Bobber the Clown will be twisting balloons, a local art instructor will be offering an art demo class followed by face painting. We have two acoustic performers coming to play an hour each. A photographer will be offering free nursing portraits. And at the heart of it all, a “Living Breastfeeding Resource Guide” bringing together information on how different types of birth choices effect breastfeeding, Lactation consultants, La Leche League, WIC, information on the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition and our annual Breastfeeding Cafe, representation for the Milk donation center and Baby Friendly initiative information.

The event is free. Donations will be accepted by the artists offering services. You might want to bring your own picnic dinner and hang out on the lawn. Some businesses may offer samples, but no food will be for sale at our event. It’s going to be worth your time to come down and enjoy a July evening with friends, family and tons of free fun. Share the information and join us!!!

Timbra Wiist

Cafe Chair

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