Breastfeeding Helps Me Love My Son

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Even before I was pregnant, I always knew that I wanted to breastfeed my children. It was so important to me that, when my son was born, I almost cried when the pediatrician made me supplement with formula to get his bilirubin levels down. At least they let me breastfeed him first and try to give him formula when he was done nursing.

But why was it so important to me?

A big part of my decision to breastfeed was the plethora of health benefits it offered to my child. Among those are decreased risk of SIDs and protection from infectious diseases. Speaking of which, in his first year of life – all of which he was breastfed and 6 months of which he was exclusively breastfed (after we got home from the hospital) – my son had maybe one mild cold, which lasted about 2 days. No earaches, no flu, nothing else other than some teething-related symptoms. Since learning and knowledge are so important to me, the neurodevelopment advantages – however slight they may be – were also very attractive to me. All of the maternal benefits didn’t hurt either.

In addition to the health concerns, I also had a lot of financial, logistical, and environmental reasons that I wanted to breastfeed. No paying for formula? Sign me up! Having a baby is expensive enough, being able to feed him for free (or the slight cost of a few extra calories per day for me) was a huge advantage. I also loved not having to worry about packing food or formula to go places. If we got stuck somewhere longer than anticipated, I wasn’t going to run out of things to feed him, I just needed to find a place to sit and nurse. Sure, it was sort of a pain to pump at work and send milk with him to the babysitter’s, but not much more of a pain than it would have been to prepare bottles of formula and send them with him. Then there’s the fact that breastfeeding uses no packaging and creates no waste (other than what comes out of your child). Plus, it is a carbon-friendly way to feed a baby, since nobody’s shipping anything anywhere.

Those were all the reasons it was important to me before I gave birth, but I’m not sure they are still the most important reasons for me now.

These days, my little tiny baby is a young toddler and running around like a mad man. Sure, he likes to come and give hugs and nose kisses, but he doesn’t just sit in my lap much anymore, doesn’t really snuggle much anymore – except when he’s nursing. Then, I get quiet time alone with him just to cuddle. It is the best part of my day, and I’m convinced that this quiet, loving time makes me a better mother to him during the times when he’s driving me crazy.

I love my son, and breastfeeding helps me do that. And that is why it is so important to me.

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  1. theadventuresoflactatinggirl

    I totally understand what you mean by snuggling a nursing toddler. I think that’s the only time that Peanut sits still for over 60 seconds.

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