2010 Breastfeeding Cafe: Exciting News from our May Planning Meeting


Greetings Cafe Enthusiasts!

Exciting things are happening as we plan for the 2010 Breastfeeding Cafe. We held our last planning meeting on Thursday, May 27th. At this meeting I was pleased to introduce our Marketing Coordinator: Claire Lindstrom. Claire led the New Mother’s Circle at the 2009 Breastfeeding Cafe and jumped at the chance to take on a larger role for the 2010 Breastfeeding Cafe.

This year we are going to be using more electronic communication to further the reach of the Cafe. Starting July 18th, and everyday during the two weeks leading up to the Cafe, we are going to hold a Blog Carnival. During this time we will invite bloggers to blog about different topics related to our theme: Breastfeeding Cafe: A Baby-Friendly Community. We will have a different topic every day. Additionally, we will invite guest writers to post on our own blog. If you are interested in particiapting (you don’t even need a blog!) please let us know! Also please look for the Breastfeeding Cafe on Facebook and Twitter!

And as for the actual, physical cafe, planning is well underway. Exciting new ideas that are being tossed around: babywearing fashion show and professional and amateur breastfeeding portrait galleries. If either of these sounds so intriguing that you can’t wait to hear more, don’t hesitate to contact us to get involved!

And speaking of our community, do you know of a business or organization that would/should/does support breastfeeding? If so, we would love to give them an International Breastfeeding Symbol to post in their window or office. In exchange we will list them as a supporter both on our blog and in the physical Cafe space.

Please plan to attend our Breastfeeding Cafe: A Baby-Friendly Community Kick-Off Event July 29th from 6 to 8. More details to follow.

Remember, you can still submit your “steps” that make-up your Baby-Friendly Community. We will be display the Ten-Steps that we, as a Breastfeeding Community, feel are most important in the Cafe. This is an easy way to get involved!

If any of the above interests you, please contact me, Melissa Knighton at melissa.knighton@gmail.com

Next Planning Meeting: June 24th  11:00, Two Creeks Coffee House: 502 E 3rd Ave, SLC (immediately following LLL of SLC’s Cafe Day).



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