Infant CPR & Nutrition Chat

From 11  – 12 noon we are offering an overview of Infant CPR, courtesy of the University of Utah Medical Center.  Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere.  How ready are you?

120px-Romanesco_BroccoliAnd since it’s Wednesday, let’s Ask an RD!  Bring your nutrition questions, big or small, on behalf of anyone in the family.  Come quiz the registered dietition in the Cafe from 3 – 5 pm while you take a break in a rocker.


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2 responses to “Infant CPR & Nutrition Chat

  1. Claire

    The calendar says it’s at 11am and then this says it’s at 10am. Which one is correct?

    • breastfeedingcafe

      Claire, the calendar was correct, thanks for pointing out the discrepancy. Sorry about that! Hope you were able to catch the class.

      Apologies to anyone else who was confused!

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