Moms’ Circle, Meds & Safety, Massage


It’s Friday so our New Moms’ Circle gathers from 10 am until 12 noon.  This morning the Pregnancy Risk Line is visiting to address any concerns about medications and other safety concerns while breastfeeding.  The Pregnancy Risk Line is a wonderful resource for in our community during pregnancy but also during the months to come when your baby is in arms and at the breast.   Questions or not, come hang out with friendly faces and enjoy a baby date at the Cafe.  Look for Claire and baby Dea and introduce yourself!

How can massage become a safe and healthy part of your prenatal lifestyle?  Utah Prenatal Massage visits to discuss ways massage can support your massage2pregnancy and prepare for a healthy birth.  Massage has also been known to enhance milk expression and relax new moms!  Look for our visiting massage therapist from 3 – 4 pm in Room A, on the lower level.  (Take the atrium steps directly across from the Cafe.)

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