Reading Circle, Hot Topics, & RD




Time for

Reading Circle!

Come to the Cafe with your little listeners for some wonderful picture books about toddler priorities — babies and nursing and staying close to Mom and Dad.  Discover new books and old favorites that illustrate moments of everyday importance in your family’s life.  Wouldn’t your budding reader love a story about nursing and cuddling?  Reading Circle will take place 11-11:30 am in the Cafe, along with the rest of today’s events.

Local family practice physician, Jay Moreland MD IBCLC, visits from 2 – 3 pm to chat about Hot Topics in breastfeeding.  What’s the buzz in lactation circles?  Come find out, and feel free to bring a few hot topics of your own!  (Have you seen the press this week on the  new research indicating breastfeeding protects women with a family history of breast cancer?  Check it out here and come to the Cafe to chat about the many ways breastfeeding protects your family!)

And since it’s Wednesday, we will have a registered dietitian on tap from 3- 5 pm.  Keep those questions coming!

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