Expectant Moms’ Circle, Meds & Safety; Ask an IBCLC

The Expectant Moms’ Circle meets every Saturday from 10am until 12 noon in the Cafe.  Come on over!  This morning The Pregnancy Risk Line is visiting our Expectant Moms’ Circle.  Do you have questions about “Meds and Safety?”  The Pregnancy Risk Line has answers!  Bring your questions, large and small.  Maybe you are just thinking about becoming pregnant, but have questions about medications or contaminants — this is an opportunity to explore your concerns ahead of time.  If there is an expectant dad with questions, he’s welcome too!  The Pregnancy Risk Line offers current, reliable information for pregnant women with questions about keeping baby safe in utero.  But did you know the Risk Line can answer your questions about drugs and safety after your baby is born?  Now is a good time get to know this great resource in our community.  Now, and for many months to come.  Echo is hosting our Saturday series and would love to include any concern you might have in the morning conversation.


This afternoon from 3 – 5 pm we’ll have a lactation consultant available to chat.  Any questions?  Ask an IBCLC!

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